(Sword Art Online)Asuna Yuuki x Reader

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This story is for _Crystal_Plays_. I know I have been doing a lot of the same character or shows so after this one I will make two random ones not involving RWBY and Swor art online. I hope you still like it. Oh and also this is when Asuna is trapped in the bird cage in Alfheim Online. Enjoy!

-You're P.O.V.-

The world tree. The place that held the one I loved. The one thing in my way from getting back what's mine, "Asuna I'm coming". I whispered to no one. Yet, Yui came out of my pocket giggling.

She kissed my nose,"Daddy we will save mommy. Don't worry!" She insisted on calling me daddy even though I'm a girl. She called Asuna mommy. I walked into the World tree followed by Kirito, Leafa, and Recon. We are going to take the tree and I'm going to save Asuna.

             Yui smiles happily and confidently up at me. I smile back and push her head lightly down,"Get down, Yui. We'll get mommy, but first we've got to fight". She nodded and hide in my pocket. I grabbed my twin swords along with everyone else grabbing their own weapons. The soldier guards started coming one by one. We were holding them off, but it soon got to be too much for us and our health started to decay.

The doors shot open and the Cait Siths and the the Sylphs barged in charging at the guards. "(Y/c/n)! Catch!," she shouted as she tossed me her sword. She continued to chant her spells. I caught her sword and put ours together and flew down and back up as fast as I could. Yui hid inside my pocket as we blasted through the guards.

               We came face to face with a ceiling. No door in sight,"Yui what now?" I was beyond pissed.

                I just wanted Asuna right now,"Daddy give me the card that dropped!" I nodded and showed her it. She put her small pixie hands on the card and downloaded the data. She then placed the data on the ceiling and the data base accepted it. "Take my hand Daddy!," something was going to happen so I put out my hand for her to grab and we teleported somewhere.

                 When we finally came to, we were in a hall that was mostly white. I was enchanted by the color for a moment, until I heard Yui's voice,"Daddy, I know where mommy is! Follow me!" I got up and followed after her. There were several doors and walls she had to break through, so I help her.
                  We were running now on the huge branches of the trees. Off in the distance I saw a huge bird cage. I wasn't positive, but I'm betting that is were Asuna is being held. I knew I would save her.

*Time Skip*

                  By time we reached the cage the sun had set. Asuna was sitting on a bed with her head down, so she didn't know we were here. Yui was the first to grab her attention,"Mommy!" Asuna lifted up her head and looked at us and smiled as tears flowed down her face.

                   Yui made the door disappear and ran to Asuna and hugged her tightly and she kept repeating mommy over and over as tears ran down her face as well. I walked up to Asuna and hugged her tightly resting my forehead on hers,"I found you". She smiled bigger hearing me say this and nodded. I continued,"Let's get out of here".

                    Asuna picked up Yui, but was surprised when I picked her up and carried them both down the tree and we logged her off and I logged off with her and went to see her in the hospital. I found her at last.

Sorry this update took so long and that it is so short. Hope you enjoyed it.

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