Chapter 39

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The riders arrive at Helm's Deep, the previously empty fortress now milling with people. Èowyn hurries to meet them.

Èowyn: "So few. So few of you have returned."

Théoden: "Our people are safe. We have paid for it with many lives."

Èowyn looks over the riders, searching for a single face. Gimli walks to Èowyn.

Gimli: "My lady..."

Èowyn: "Lord Aragorn, where is he?"

Èowyn is shocked & looks at Théoden in disbelief. The King turns to address a guard.

Théoden: "Draw all our forces behind the wall. Bar the gate & set a watch on the surround."

Guard: "What of those who cannot fight my lord? The women & children?"

Théoden: "Get them into the caves. Saruman's arm would have grown long indeed if he thinks he can reach us here."


Flying over the river, Miyuki & Raiden search the water & shore. Spying something on the river bank, Miyuki points towards it.

Miyuki: "There! Land on that shore, Raiden."

Descending from the sky, Miyuki leaps off Raiden's back before he lands, running to the object she'd spotted. It was the body of a man. Turning the man over, the face revealed is indeed Aragorn as she had thought. Bending over him, Miyuki feels a rush of air against her cheek & breathes a sigh of relief. He was alive. Slowly, the man opens his eyes.

Aragorn [murmur]: "Arwen..."

Miyuki: "Were you dreaming, friend?"

Blinking, Aragorn fully awakes & realises he is lying on the shores of a river, Miyuki leaning over him. She moves back as he slowly sits up.

Aragorn: "What are you doing here? You didn't fall as well, did you?"

Miyuki [shakes her head]: "Raiden & I came to find you. I didn't believe the fall would have killed you."

Looking behind Miyuki, Aragorn sees Raiden, in is dragon form, watching the two of them. Getting to her feet, Miyuki holds out a hand to the man.

Miyuki: "Here. Can you stand?"

Taking the offered hand, the girl pulls Aragorn to his feet. He stumbles a bit & Miyuki moves to his side steadying him. 

Aragorn: "Thank you."

The two walk slowly over to Raiden. Once they were close to the dragon, Raiden bends down & Miyuki, letting go of Aragorn, climbs onto his back. Reaching down, Miyuki offers a hand to Aragorn. The man looks at her hand & then at Raiden.

Aragorn: " don't mean we're..."

Miyuki: "Yes. We're flying. Or is there any other method you suggest to get to Helm's Deep? Come on."

Though hesitant, Aragorn takes Miyuki's hand & she hoists him up onto Raiden. Launching himself into the air, the dragon makes a loop, flying in the direction of Helm's Deep.

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