Chapter II

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When the morning classes ended, all the students suddenly hovered around Dazai's desk asking him about his old school, his grades, if he was in a relationship ... Chuuya felt blessed, there was no one looking at him and now he isn't obliged to help the other.

He just passed throught them silently and got out of the classroom. He notices Odasaku getting out too from the front door :"Sensei ..." Chuuya started after getting closer :" Why ... is it me you asked to help the new students ... i .. believe Ango would do a better job than me ... " .

Odasaku petted Chuuya's head gently which made him blush, he wasn't used to strangers treating him this way :" This isn't a job Nakahara-kun besides, i just thought you needed some friends."

Chuuya looked away shyly ... friends ? ... he didn't dream of having friends since a long time ago :"I don't have time for friends, i need to study .."

Odasaku widened his eyes in realization :"Dazai is good at teaching, he can help you with studying too !"

The ginger gave up in convincing his teacher :"Okay ..."

Noticing that the other wasn't at ease, Odasaku smiled gently and put his hand on the other's shoulder and reassured him :"He may seem weird but he's a good guy so take care of him for me too okay".

Chuuya nodded silently then looked at his classroom noticing that they still were in the same state, he wasn't going to help Dazai for now.

Chuuya wanted to get to the roof top and eat there alone. Unfortunately, he found the door closed, so he just set there beside it and ate. "Maybe we can really become friends .." he thought then smiled while imagining being with him right now, eating together and talking about everything and anything.

"Why don't you tell me what's making you smile so that i smile too" said Dazai which made Chuuya jump from his seat.

"Sorry if i scared you .. can i join you ??" He didn't wait for the other's answer, he directly set beside him, way too close for Chuuya's liking. He couldn't believe that what he was just imagining is actually happening.

"Why didn't you wait for me ?" Asked Dazai. Chuuya looked down, not having an excuse.

The taller one leaned down to be in the same level as the other :"Can i at least hear your voice ? .. or maybe you don't want me here ..." Dazai looked so sad, he was acting obviously.

"No !" Hushed Chuuya :" That's ... not it .."

Dazai grinned :"You finally talked ! But ..."

Chuuya blush and looked away already praying that the other doesn't notice .

"Oh ..." Dazai nodded in understanding :" You don't have our accent that's why you don't talk "

The ginger nodded and wished the other wouldn't laugh, he really didn't want to hate him. But the other's reaction really surprised him.

Dazai sighed, he felt reassured :" Thank god, i thought you hated me ."

"I don't hate y-" Chuuya was interrupted but the bell ringing indicating the start of the afternoon classes.

"Already ... ?" Sighed Dazai in defeat then he got up :"i guess we should go back .. oh"

Chuuya sighed at his unfinished bento and stood up too looking at Dazai confusingly trying his best to avoid locking eyes with him, he knew he would blush instently.

"I still don't know your whole name .." said Dazai.

"I am Nakahara Chuuya ..." answered Chuuya shyly.

"Chuuya !!" Dazai's eyes brightened :"So cute~"

"I'm not cute !!" Cried Chuuya with a burning face.

"Well ..." laughed Dazai :"you already know i'm Dazai Osamu, just call me Dazai .." then he faced him and smiled softly :"Nice to meet you Chuuya~"

"Nice .. to meet you too .." answered Chuuya shyly again while trying to avoid the other's gaze.

"Nice voice between" Dazai pointed out then he continued teasingly :"and nice height~"

"I'm not short !!" Chuuya screamed out.

"I never said you were short~"

Chuuya thought for a second about what he said :"well that's true ... but then what did you mean ?"

"Nothing~" Dazai whisteled.
Chuuya glared at him, he knew the other was lying. But then he said nothing and just went to their classroom.

Chuuya made sure to let Dazai enter alone then take some time to enter after him because he didn't want the others to see them together then start spreading some shitty rumors.

Chuuya couldn't stop thinking about the way Dazai treated him, he was so nice with him, but then, that's just because he still didn't hear those rumors about him, everything will probably change the next day.

He was so tired from the Phylosophy teacher blaberring about the origins of Mathematics especially since he couldn't get all what was said. He leaned down on the desk and took a pen then wrote his phone number on it. "Maybe someone will  find it and contact me without knowing it's me then we could be friends .." he then sighed, this was stupid. Fortunately, the bell rang, he put his things in his bag then noticed Dazai smiling at him :"let's get out together okay" .

Before Chuuya could nod, there were already students hovering over him asking him to go somewhere with them. Chuuya smiled at himself and got out silently again, what was he waiting for ?

Dazai obviously rejected them politly then he waited till everyone got out of the classroom to sit on Chuuya's desk and see what he was writing on his desk. He took his phone and recorded the other's phone number then took his pen and defaced it from the table.

He got up and looked to the courtyard noticing Chuuya going out of the school then looked back to his phone :" What should i do now ?" He wondered then a faint smirk made it's way to his lips. 


There will be more fluff in the future chapters because these two deserve it \(*^*)/

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