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Pen Your Pride

Day One: Morning

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Speaking Parts: 'Thoughts' "Telepathy" "Vocalized Speech"

IMPORTANT AUTHOR'S NOTE: I feel the need to stress that I AM NOT THE ONLY PERSON RESPONSIBLE for this piece of work. There are going to be MANY different writers involved with this series and it will take varying amounts of time to edit and piece together each chapter for everything to make sense. Some parts of everyone's writing may be cut out for the sake of storytelling, flow, and sensibility. Yes I may edit some parts so that they aren't so choppy ESPECIALLY if there are A LOT of mistakes. So to my co-writers PLEASE DO NOT FEEL OFFENDED if I happen to cut out a sentence or a paragraph that I feel doesn't make ANY sense in the long haul. I SPEND HOURS going over EVERYTHING just to make sure ONE SENTENCE makes sense in the overall story. If it doesn't then it's removed.


Mewtwo didn't visit cities without good reason and he was questioning his reason for being out during the day every few seconds. Dante had asked him to come along if only to keep him from being so aimlessly bored in the Genesia Gym and to keep him away from the Hydreigon. The thing still wanted to eat him after chasing him all over the forest and destroying several of Blyse's buildings the year before. Nothing could change the beast's mind that the cat who'd all but moved into the Gym Leader's spare room was lunch meat marinating in a juicy skin sack.

The cat grew bored of the city and informed Dante that he would be waiting on the outskirts when he was done checking on the new batch of Trainers from Valerian's Lab. Without waiting for a confirmation Mewtwo flew far quicker than most cameras or eyes could follow. He landed in the tall grass just off the main dirt road that served as Route 1.


Belle, after rapping furiously on the door and getting no reply cautiously opened the door to the lab and peered inside. Lights on, nobody home. Creepy much? She stepped inside, shutting the door behind her. Shrugging she hurried up to the little platform where several Pokéballs sat. She'd contacted the Professor earlier to let her know she was coming, but she must have been out in the field or something. She crouched down, examining each of the little Pokéballs. After a few minutes of thinking she picked up the one containing what she deemed to be the cutest, smiling at it. "You're mine, sweetie-pie!" Cheerfully, she turned and retreated from the lab, shutting the door behind her and hurried to the city with her new Charmander in hand.

Belle's eyes, massive as she took in as much of Blyse as she could, roamed around with curiosity, fascinated by what she saw. It was far bigger than Iclea, that was for sure. Glancing down she noticed her new Pokémon, the Charmander, walking a little ahead of her, unconsciously leading her. She smiled and decided to follow the little thing. A small bench caught her eye and she called out, "Come on, dearest! How about we sit down?" The Pokémon turned around a stared at her for a long moment before complying and following her to the bench.

She sat down and watched as the little Charmander climbed her way up before sitting next to her and watching her new Trainer expectantly. "So... uh... You need a nickname! I can hardly go around calling you by your species name! How about, er, Celisse?" The Pokémon nodded, somewhat satisfied, and turned to stare straight ahead while settling back, tail hanging between her legs and off the bench's edge to avoid setting it ablaze. "Well, Celisse, it's a pleasure to meet you. Are you hungry?" Celisse did not turn her head so Belle could only assume that she was not. "Alright. Oh, right, my name is Belle. I'm your new Trainer!" Again Celisse did not react. Trying to think nothing of it Belle sat back, watching her new friend.

"So um. Did you want to go out onto Route 1 and train?" This time Celisse's blue eyes showed some emotion when she turned to look at Belle. She gave a single nod and slid off, waiting for Belle to do the same. Smiling the girl stood, pleased that she had gotten through to her starter. "Alright. Uh, do you know where Route 1 is?" Belle swore she saw Celisse facepalm.

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