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The day went by quite quickly.

After the little fiasco in the meeting hall, I never did see Xavier after that. Good riddance I thought, my hand moving to my lips.

"How could someone be so intimate with almost a stranger, impulsive and even that with a kiss."

Though I will admit, it did feel quite nice.

"Ugh," I moaned into the blanket.

I was now at 'home', thankfully the rest of my outfits and belongings had not been lost. A great big duffel bag was left by the doorstep as I made my way to the house. I was now in my fluffy pyjamas, sitting on the bed.

The room was fairly spacious, huge compared to what I was used to but it had everything I needed. Wooden furnishing was a feature of the house, with a bed beside the window and a cupboard on the other side. I was lucky enough to even have a desk, hopefully if I could get myself a laptop, I could do some of my work on there, or even just spend my time aimlessly looking at funny videos.

I sighed and rested my head on the soft pillow.

My eyelids were starting to feel heavy, these early mornings and late nights were not good for my body. At times Mr. Fontaine would come in late, not knowing if he had eaten or not, making food for him and making sure the house was in a good state was far too much for one person. I mean I guess housewives and husbands are able to do it, but they have support from their partners.

I shuddered to even think of Mr. Fontaine as a significant other, after all he was the epitome of darkness.

I stretched my limbs and buried myself into the warm duvet; I felt like I was on a bed of clouds. Sighing in my own pleasure of sleep, I closed my eyes and shut them, ready for whatever dream awaiting me.

"Elisa, wake up."

"No," I groaned.

"Downy, I need you to wake up now!" Someone was calling me, someone angry.

"Stop please, Mr. Fontaine," I mumbled, "stop being such a beast."

"Excuse me?" I heard surprise from the deep voice.

Holy crap, I shot open my eyes and got up from my sleeping position. Frantically I searched for the voice through my sand filled eyes and lost my bearings, dropping my weight on the floor.

"Ouch," I rubbed my backside, only to have landed right before the feet of my master.

"Yes, Mr. Fontaine." I grumbled.

"It's six in the evening, I need my clothes ready." He instructed.

I pushed myself off the floor, only to meet my groggy self to his narrowed eyes.

"You woke me up so I can dress you?" I rubbed my face.

"Correction, I woke you up so you can have my suit ready for the evening. Don't start thinking of the impossible."

His low voice spoke flatly without any emotion, his eyes staring at me as though I was nothing.

"Well a girl can dream, after all who would have thought I would be living with a CEO?" I was still slightly sleepy and not actually realising my own thoughts.

He scoffed and turned away to leave, when he stopped in his tracks.

I rubbed my eyes and frowned, my eyes made their way to his arm, veins almost bulging as he tensed his hand.

"Next time at work," he started and turned on his bare heels. "Don't get near him."

"Near who, Xavier?" I questioned, my tone of voice rising.


Then it dawned on me, was he actually the jealous one? Perhaps he wanted the attention for himself and not his brother.

I chuckled to myself, scrunching my nose at my humour. "Don't worry I still think you're more handsome than he is." I felt my lips curl on either side.

He rubbed a hand over his chin and sighed. "You think I'm jealous?" He arched a brow and took a stride, standing mere inches from my face.

He took a hold of my chin with his large, callous hands. As I peered down through my eyelashes, I noticed their were scars also on his knuckles. He grabbed my chin, gently but quickly and lifted my gaze to meet his.

His warm thumb caressed the dimple on my chin as it crept slowly towards my lips. Hovering over like some prey, his thumb pressed lightly on my mouth, I felt the urge to hide under the blankets for fear of what he may do, but the Adonis in front of me stood tall and continued to study my face.

His own was tanned and though he seemed young, I could feel his eyes had seen more than what the eye could ever imagine. His hazel eyes shone bright through his hooded gaze, twinkling and glinting like specks of leaves on a summer's day.

"Mr. Fontaine," I managed to whisper.

"What good is Xavier, hmm?" He replied softly, though his eyes wandered over me. He seemed lost.

"After all, any man could kiss a woman if he wanted."

My eyes flashed with fear.

"If she wanted," he looked down at me, his eyes deepening with an unrecognisable emotion.

His hand caressed my cheek and made its way towards my hair, he grabbed a few strands and softly tug on the springs. Enjoying the feel against his warm, gentle hands.

"See how easy it is to please a woman." I blinked and looked back at him, only to be met with a beastly, smirking man.

"I'm not pleased." I retorted and pursed my lips.

His hand retracted and he let go, "yes well at least you can now tell how I am not jealous of anyone. Neither you or him."

"What do you even have against your brother?" I asked as he was about to leave.

"That's not exactly your business." He uttered, and cleared his throat.

I sighed.

"Oh and Downy . . . "

I ruffled the back of my hair as he called. "Yes, Mr. Fontaine?"

He was leaning against the door, his arms crossed showcasing his muscles through the casual t-shirt he was wearing.

"I don't know where you heard it from, but I am quite the beast at night. Though I guess you may already know from your dreams." He smirked and left the room.

Leaving me standing in my own embarrasment of cringe.


So guys, Xavier or Darius?

Sorry it was short.

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