A proud mother from the Netherlands

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In October 2015 our son came to us and after a long pause told us that he probably rather wanted to be a woman. We hadn't expected this. He had never showed us any signs, not as a child or as a teen, and at that moment he was 25 years old. After the initial astonishment our thoughts of course went to the future -- what now? After a talk with the family doctor (and some time due to a waiting list) we ended up in January 2016 at the VUmc in Amsterdam. There they have a special gender clinic.

A range of 6 psychological interviews followed. In October 2016 the conclusion of gender dysphoria was established and he was placed on the waiting list for hormone treatment. Finally he was allowed to be who he wanted to be: a she. After some waiting time the moment was finally there: January 20, 2017 is when she started testosterone inhibitors and female hormone patches. Some blood tests followed and she remains under the watchful eye of a psychologist. A bonescan was made and they continuously monitor the effect of the hormones.

We had a very shy, withdrawn son and now we're slowly getting a still shy but a "knows what she wants" happy daughter.

There have also been de-hairing treatments of the face and genital area. We are not there yet but if everything goes well she will get surgery in about a year. For us she officially became our daughter on May 11, 2017. With a statement from the psychologist she was able to change the gender noted on her birth certificate. Her ID card and drivings license will also be altered to state her correct gender -- all of course accompanied with a beautiful new name.

- A proud mother from the Netherlands

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