Harmony from Hong Kong

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  I grew up in Hong Kong. You might not have heard of it, because it's so small, but it was British colony in Asia for 99 years and returned to China in 1997.

Because of that, Hong Kong is a mixed culture. They- We - are easily adaptable to European cultures, yet we have some ingrained Chinese traditional values.

Some citizens are not really supportive of the Community, yet some do. It really is a conflicting place.

I wasn't aware of the fact that there was something called homosexual, transgender and all the sorts. I only discovered it through Wikipedia, when I first discovered that I found girls cute and pretty, in an attractive way.

However, a boy in class had a childish crush on me and i was too innocent to refuse. We "dated" (When I say dated, it honestly wasn't dating, it was just text-dating) for 1 year, then just became friends. After an argument thingy. I told him that I liked girls, but he was pretty cool with it.

I was pretty darn confused. After entering 8th grade and into a new, girls-only school, that's when I discovered something called "bisexual". That's what I decided what I was, but I'm still pretty uncertain about my sexuality. But then, I don't really have a preference. I just wanted to fall in love with someone I liked no matter their gender etc.

One day at dinner. I asked my mom, "If I dated a girl, would you be fine with it?" She said that it was fine, and my dad also. It's nice to have supporting parents.

Yet, my dad is realistic, but slightly homophobic. He dotes on me, but he is still biased. One day, we were in the mall, and two boys were holding hands.

"The two guys are holding hands!" He exclaimed. I just gave a dull look at him. "So what?"

Later I learned that he didn't like homosexuals because I told him about all the gay books I read. I tried to tell him that homosexuals were humans too, and we had the freedom to love. But it was not working. I hope that he could at least respect them during his work even if he doesn't like homosexuals.

Honestly, if you don't like homosexuality, you could dislike, but respect it. You shouldn't abhor it. It is a choice for everyone. Homosexuality doesn't affect you! Even if you are disgusted at gay couples, you should respect them.

That's for the Older Generation in Hong Kong. Me and my classmates– the younger generation – are all fine with the homosexual community. However, not all of them are supportive of transgender people.

I once read the Danish Girl at school, and told some of them about it. It *is* a very complex and conflicted topic.

But at least Hong Kong people, or Hong Kongers, are willing to change. A few years ago, a transgender woman went to court for the right of marriage and succeed. I was, and still am, glad about this news. We have the freedom to choose ourselves and be ourselves in the society.

I'm currently 15 years old, single, and an avid reader and LGBTQ advocate.

I hope that Asian countries are more willing to adapt to give people the right to be themselves. The source of the changes from young people, as they are more willing to agree with new concepts.

I urge those LGBTQ+ people not to give up, as you have people worldwide who face the same problem. We're in this *together*.


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