Butters x reader

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~Warning this story may contain swearing and bad spelling, Hi guys sorry that i haven't been updating often.....school is being a bitch but I'm trying to update this book! This is a request from Missl888 .Thanx guys for the reads and votes and for reading my book!~

~Your POV~

Butters and I have been dating for a year now....like I love him and well but.....we haven't kissed yet only hug and hold hands......I really want to kiss him, i love him so much.....But anyway, tonight is our anniversary. He planned on staying at his house for the night just cuddling and watching movies and playing video games....I hope tonight is perfect....

~Butters POV~ 

I have been planning with night for months our anniversary date is going to be perfect...I hope she loves it...

~Timeskip and Your POV~

I look at my phone, it read 7:00pm, butters said to be at his house by 7:15pm before heading out the door, i quickly look at myself. I was wearing a beautiful (f/c) dress that went to my mid-thigh and hugged my body showing off my curves with the dress I had (f/c) high heel converse, my hair was (h/s) and I had light natural makeup on. After excepting my appearance, i rush out the door to Butter's house.

After reaching Butters' house, I knocked on the door and Butter's answered. He had dress pants and a nice shirt on with black converse plus his hair was slicked back making him look very handsome. "Oh geez (y/n)....you look beautiful!" he said making me blush. "T-thankyou butters" I said. He reached for my hand and led into the house, it smelt like (f/f).

He led me to the dinner table and pulled out my seat for me. I sat down blushing, he sat across me and his mum came in and handed us (f/f). I thanked his mum and she smiled back, I looked back at butters and smiled, he smiled back.

After eating, "(Y/n) I want to make this the most perfect night of your life...so we must wait until 11:11pm so until then we are going to the lounge room" he said, I giggled and followed him into the lounge room. He sat on the couch, I sat next to him and started to cuddle. After two movies, Butters looked at the time and he nearly jumped off the couch. "(Y/n) follow me it's nearly 11" he said taking my hand.

He took me outside, and beside the house was a ladder leading to the roof. He climbed up first, after I climbed up, my jaw dropped. The roof was lit up with fairy lights, inside the circle of lights was a pile of pillows and blankets, butters sat in the pile of pillows waiting for me to sit next to him.

I sat next to him, he put the blanket around us, I lay my head on his shoulder and he put his arms around me "(Y/n) I love you so much.....All the diamonds in the world wont compare to your beauty......All the butterflies in the world wont be as gentle and kind as you.....All the honey and sugar in the world wont be as sweet as you...I love you with my heart" I was about to say I love you but a loud bang went off.

He tightened his arms around me, I sat and stared at the fireworks. He grabbed my chin and and placed his lips onto mine, I felt sparks in my heart and I wrap my arms around him. We disconnected "I love you" I breathed out. "I love you too" He said back We connected our lips again making this night the most perfect date ever.....

~Thanx for reading~

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