Drunk! abusive! Stan x dead reader PART 2

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling this is a request from YumiHumano thanx for the request and sorry that its late, school is just giving me alot of assessments...anyway on with the story PS THIS STORY HAS SUICIDE AND SELF HARM !!~

~Stan POV~

It's been a year......a year since (y/n) committed suicide........it was my fault she did it......i miss her gorgeous (e/c) eyes and her beautiful silk hair......but she's gone.....i've tried to move on but my heart is connected with hers.....i've cut myself......i know how she felt when she done this.......its an escape.....she has been in the hospital in a coma....she's not waking up...

I sit on the bathroom floor, a bottle of scotch in my hand and a razor in the other, my face is red and my eyes are swollen from crying......i cry harder to the thoughts of (y/n) crying herself to what I did to her......everyday I go to the hospital just to see if your eyes would open again....to hear her beautiful voice ring in my ears....I slid the razor over my skin again....

~The Next Day~

I woke up on the bathroom floor again, my eyes hurt......I slowly pick myself up and walked to the kitchen, i put my hands on the kitchen table. Tears started to form in my eyes, just thinking about (y/n) makes want to cry. As I was crying, my phone started to go off...my eyes wided and I ran to the phone.

"Hello?" I said worried, "Is with Stan Marsh?" the voice said. "Yes?" I replayed, "Hello sir, this is Dr. Nightmare (Lol i'm in the story) I'm from the Hospital....Your Wife is awake, she needs some time to heal but you may see her now" She replied, "Thankyou! Thankyou! I'm on my way!" I screamed. I ran out of the home and got in the car, driving like a maniac to the hospital.


I quickly parked the car and ran to her room, i quickly opened the door and  i stopped.....She stared at me....with her (e/c). I slowly walk over to her as I reach her bed, I fall to my knees and cry into my hands. "(Y/n) im so sorry for what I did.....I love you so much, it hurt to see my first love kill herself because of me..." I sob harder in my hands, "(Y/n)...(Y/n) I love you" I said...

~Your POV~

I watch....Not saying anything....I just watched as Stan kneeled on the floor crying into his hands, "Well Stan I don't love you.....i'm sorry but I just don't you hurt me and abused me, making me feel horrible about myself but you expect me to love you.....I cut and killed myself because of you.... you didn't love me, you never loved me....if you loved me, we would be a big happy family, with kids and I would tell me i'm beautiful but you called me ugly and fat...instead of called me amazing, you called me worthless, slut and stupid....You don't love me..and I don't love you, Goodbye Stan" I said as tears fall down my face, he looked shocked and heartbroken but he got up and left the hospital room.

I cry my eyes out, just when Craig came in and saw my state, he ran over to me and pulled me into a hug. He held me tight, trying to not hurt me and it was this point on that I felt loved....

~2 Years Later~

Me and Craig are married with 1 kid and I feel loved, he loves me uncontrollably and I've never felt happier.

~Stan's POV~

I lost (y/n), i've lost her....I deserve to die....I put a gun to my head, tears fall down my face and I pulled the trigger and fall to the ground....I'm finally out of pain....

~I'm sorry if it sux, the ending was so shit....well sorry that I haven't updated, school has been giving me so much assignments. Thanx guys for reading~

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