Bicycle ◑ Guan Shan

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"Where'd you get that rusty trash?" Guan Shan asked as he eyed the bicycle you brought to school today. It was unused for several years but despite that it's still working properly. The chains just needs to be oiled and the bicycle's apperance looked aged, as it survived the span of time.

"Shut up, you can atleast say something like, "Wow, (Y/n) you look cute using a bike"." You say, giving him a glare with the same intensity as his. He looked away, making a rapid tsking sound.

"So what now? We're not gonna walk home together after school?" He said with pursed lips, and you stared at him, face creased with confusion. You left your mouth ajar in disbelief, and he gave you a deadpanned face that says,

What? Did I say something wrong?

You transferred schools six months ago, and getting close to the redhead wasn't one of your plans. Before the start of first period you were roaming the halls, searching for your room and you were surprised when someone tugged your shirt.

"You dropped this." The redhead says, handing you your handkerchief and before you could even utter your thanks he turned his back and was already walking away. What surprised you even more is that when you entered the room, he was your seatmate.

Despite being such an asshole sometimes, you admitted that somewhere behind his tough armored exterior lies a cinnamon bun that needs to be protected.

As you grew closer, the feeling of longing and being in love just grew stronger, and you don't even know if he notices it.

"You want to walk home with me every after school?" You asked.

"I've been walking with you home for the past six months, you still don't get it, do you?"

A breeze passed, and you noticed that you were staring at each other.

"Right, er, well, I guess I'll walk with you home tomorrow, I won't use this bicycle again."

"As if." He scoffs.

Then, riding the saddle, an idea crept up on your mind.

"Mo, wanna see me bike around the world?"

"As if--"

Then, after biking around him you gave him one of your widest smiles.

"--W-Wait.... You just...." He says, with enlarged eyes.

"You're my world, Mo Guan Shan."

You did not flinch from the cringey words, and neither did he. He just reddened like a tomato.

"Fucking damn it." He mutters, face buried in his hands.


"C'mere."  Guan Shan placed his two hands on the bicycle's handle, shaking it.

"What the hell are you doing?" You retorted.

"Get off that bicycle. Now." He countered.

"Jeez, what's wrong with you?" You said after you took off, and after doing so Guan Shan rode the bicycle and he zoomed to the school's courtyard.

You waited for several minutes for him, mentally facepalming. When he returned, he took your wrist and he started walking, leading the way.

"Where are you taking me?" You asked, never taking off the gaze you had on his hands that was holding you.

"I'm gonna treat you sandwiches."

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