I'm Not The Perfect One

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I stopped playing. I stood up. Breathed in. I faced the audience with a smile. I tried really hard to curl them up. I've worked too hard. I can't stop here. I have a very long way to go. My chest felt like it was being squeezed. My fingers felt a shocking pain. My head spun. I closed my eyes and bow down to the audience. When I rose back up, everyone was clapping. Some stood up. Some had wide smiles. 

My name is Rose Marie Elfin. I am a world wide famous pianist at the age of 26. I owned everything. I live in a mansion and have fame. More money than anyone can use in their whole life time. I was thought to be perfect, but was I? My body was always weak. I had a secret that I couldn't tell. I had to stopped playing, but I need to let them know. 

My hands shook as I reached for the mic. I took it off the stand and opened my mouth.

"I have one last song for you all. I hope that you would enjoy this last melody" I spoke. 

The audience sat back down. I walked back to my seat in front of the piano and moved my  fingers onto the keys. I closed my eyes and let my heart take control. My fingers moved swiftly like the wind and gently like the water. Every key was precise and no mistakes or flaws could be found. I then moved my hand out of position and hit the wrong key on purpose. I quickly got back to playing a sweet and 'perfect' melody again, but not before the audience heard my mistakes and gasped. I finished the song with one last tap on the wrong key. The whole melody was sweet and gentle, but there were low rough keys being pressed throughout the song to show one thing. That one thing. The thing that I wanted to say. I took the mic off the stand on top of the piano in front of me and stood up. I walked up to the crowd and scanned the room.

"This piece is called Imperfect" I informed them. 

They all ignored my message and stood up and clapped. They viewed my music as a sweet melody that shows my brilliance and perfections. I did not notice the one man that was sitting at the far back. He was the only one that was not clapping. Did he understand my message? Or was he just not interested?

I got off the stage and headed straight to my car after getting my belongings. I may be rich, but I hate having maids and butlers and drivers. I wanted to keep IT  a secret, therefore I cannot take any chance and risk IT being discovered by others. From here on out, I retire. I drove to my mansion and opened the large iron gates. I then drove in and park my car. I got out and open the front door. I walked in and headed straight to my room. My body collapsed on the large bed and my chest began to burn. I took deep breaths. My hands felt like needles were in all of my joints. It was painful. I crawled to my wooden drawer and pulled out the first drawer. I took out a bottle and pour some pills into my hands. I put them in my mouth and drank some water that was on top of the drawer. The pills slid down my throat. My breathing rate went back to normal. I stood up and walked to my telephone. I picked it up and dialed a number.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hello. This is the Melody Inc. What may I do to be of service to you?" the woman from the other line asked.

"This is Rose Marie Elfin. I would like to stop and cut my contract short. From now on, I retire" I said. 

The woman gasped, but she was able to control her own emotions. 

"Yes Miss. Elfin. I will tell Mr. Will about your retirement" the woman said. 

I put the phone back down and walked out my room. I walked down the stairs and into my kitchen. I could see my piano sitting in my study room at the corner of my eye. I brew some water on the stove and walked back up the stairs. I took my pajamas and headed to the restroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. 

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