Chapter Nine- Kissing And Other Sports

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Chapter Nine- Kissing And Other Sports

June 12th: Waning Crescent 

    My vision was blury as I tried to make out my surroundings. The definite smell of cologne filled my nose as an onslaught of the smell practically choked me while I sucked in some air. Coughs raked my body as I tried to grab hold of myself and see which boy idiot thought it had been a good time to spray that much cologne in his room. 

    When I felt like I could breath at least a bit normally again, I sat up and stared around the room to find out where I was. It was odd, finding out that I was in Blue Eyes room which was a bit hotel-like. There was nothing personal in the room and that made me almost feel like this house wasn't a place he planned on staying for a long time.

    As I took in the room, I hadn't noticed Blue Eyes sitting in a chair across from the bed, staring at me with this closed off look. There were dark purple cirlces underneath his eyes that told me he hadn't gotten a great night of sleep. Suddenly, I felt guilty for sleeping in his bed. That's also about the time, though, that everything from the day before came flooding back to me and all I could do was lay back down with a groan. I must have seemed completely insane last night. No wonder Blue Eyes was looking at me so weird. 

    There was no rational reason for my actions the night before. Indeed, I had been afraid and totally shaken from what I'd seen in that dream. Was it necessary, though, to have passed out and shattered a glass? For all I knew I could have been hallucinating the fact that I thought the dream had been a real memory. Whatever the case, I'd successfully managed to make myself seem like an absolute freak. One could only hope that Blue Eyes wouldn't think I would always go over the deep end like that or that he had any idea what I was talking about. Who knew what he would think if he heard that I thought I was some supernatural creature that can turn into an animal. 

    I started realizing as I laid there that Blue Eyes was going to make no attempts at small talk. I assumed that he was waiting for me to say something so I spoke the only words that I could at the time. "You nearly killed me with that cologne this morning."

    Yes, I hadn't expected him to laugh at the comment, but what I also hadn't expected was the still silence that followed. I could almost feel the tension in the air as I sat up to get a better look at Blue eyes expression. I was quick to wish that I hadn't looked up. His eyes were such a dark shade of blue now that the look he gave me was almost sinister. There was no scarier face I could have thought of in that instant, thinking only that if looks could kill...that would be the look to bring about my death.

    "I don't think it would be in your good graces to be talking about death right now when you nearly died about three times last night." 

    Things were rushing back to me now and I couldn't help but feel slightly bad about what I must have put Blue Eyes through yesterday. Between Haden trying to beat me up in the store and my episode after the dream, he must think I needed to be admitted into an mental hospital. However, I also thought that his statement of me apparently almost dying three times last night was a bit melodramatic. 

    "I know that what happened last night was beyond freaky and I'm sorry, but--" 

    "There are no 'buts' about this, Amanda!" screamed Blue Eyes, standing up from the chair in his anger. "Last night something was going on with you and I had no idea what to do. You were crying and freaking out so much that all I could do was sit there to watch. Then, when you finally calmed down you would sleep, only to scream fifteen minutes later as you entered some kind of dream. I've never seen anything like that happen to anyone I know and needless to say, I want to know why the hell it happened."

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