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-Kendall's POV-

"Wait, Lisa!" I called to her, but she ignored me as she kept running. I frowned and looked down at the ground.

"You're an idiot!" My sister told me, and I looked up at her.

"I know, I am."

"Not cool, man," Logan said, and I looked at him.

"You really didn't mean what you said, do you?" James asked me, referring to when I said I loved Jo.

I sighed. "I don't know, guys. I do really like Jo, but Lisa..." I fade off and every one's eyes are on me. "What?"

"Kendall, you still love Lisa," Carlos said. "I'm the stupid one and even I know you still do..."

Laura chuckled a bit, but then became serious. "Yeah, Kendall. You know you still do - You just don't wanna admit it. But Lisa wants you to."

"We all miss you being together," Logan piped in.

"Yeah, those were the good days; You were happy," James said.

"Guys, I'm happy now!" I assured them, and the boys gave me a "really?" look as Laura just crossed her arms.

"Buy you're not as happy as you were when you were with Lisa," Carlos said, and I bit the inside of my cheek.

I sighed as they all just stared at me. "Guys, just let me think about it for a while." Laura's phone buzzed and she took it out of her pocket, looking down at it.

"You better make up your mind soon," she said, looking up at me. "Lisa just bought plane tickets to go back home."

Right then and there, my world completely stopped.

"Wh-what? When does the plane leave?" I asked Laura.

"She said Tuesday at 10 o'clock,"she replied.

"That's in two days!" I exclaimed. "Guys, I gotta do something about this. I'll talk to you all later." I walked back into me and Jo's apartment, slamming the door. I put my head in my hands as Jo walked into the room.

"Baby, what's wrong?" She asked me, rubbing my back.

"Everything. Every thing's wrong." I walked into the guest room, and shut and locked the door. I walked over to the bed, sliding out a picture frame from under it. Sitting on the bed, I looked at the picture of Lisa and I. I looked extremely happy. More happy then I am now, I have to admit.

Jo's great - To me at least - but the guys and Katie have told me that she's mean to them when I'm not around. It's hard for me to believe that, but she was mean to Lisa when I wasn't around, too. I looked at Lisa's cute face in the picture. Her smile was completely breath-taking and every time I saw it, I would fall in love with her all over again.

So I guess you could say me looking at her smile in the picture right now, caused me to fall in love with her again. And it did.

"Kendall." Jo knocked on the door. "Babe, come on! We gotta talk more about the wedding."

Oh, man! I totally forgot I was engaged to Jo, and that the wedding was in 2 weeks...

"Coming," I said, sliding the picture back under the bed, and opening the door.

"Why are you always in there?" My fiance asked, and my eyes widened.

"Oh, uh. No reason," I said quickly, walking past her.

-Lisa's POV-

"Come on, Lisa," Katie said as I sobbed on her bed.

"Kendall still loves you! He even admitted it!" Laura told me, and I sit up.

"No, he doesn't! He loves J-Jo," I replied, wiping away my tears

"You left too quick to hear what else he had to say." Katie sat next to me on the bed, and Laura sat on the other side of me.

"Guys, thanks for trying to help. But we're going back home soon," I said, looking over at Laura.

"No, please don't go! Not like last time," Katie said sadly, and I looked at her.

"Katie, I'm sorry, but I have to."

"No, you don't!" She shot up and stood in front of me. "I don't want you to, Kendall doesn't want you to, NOBODY wants you to!"

"I know you don't want me to, but I don't think Kendall minds if I do or not," I said.

"Lisa, shut up! I'm sorry for snapping, but didn't you hear him calling after you when you ran off?" She asked me, and I looked down at my lap.

"Yes," I replied quietly.

"See?" Laura asked, and I looked at her.

"He still loved you, Lisa," Katie whispered. "He just doesn't wanna admit it to anyone, because he's engaged with Jo."

I sighed. "Okay, I believe you guys." Katie smiled. "I'll cancel the plane ticket and try to get Kendall to admit."

"YES!" Kendall's sister exclaimed, and her and Laura high-fived. I laughed and shook my head, falling back on the bed.


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