Part 65*

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Sonia: (hesitating) Y-yeah of course. Hey Shravan, dance with me! (pulling his hand)

Shravan: (looking down to a shocked Sumo) Uhh.....I-I.......

Kapoor: Sonia, let Shravan dance with Suman! Here, I will dance with you.

Sonia: Come on Shravan! It's just one dance! I'm sure Suman won't mind. Right Suman? (asking her with innocent eyes)

Sumo: (nervous) Uh.....not at all.

Sonia: See! I told you! Come Shravan!

Shravan looks at Sumo and senses she is not ok with this. However before he can do or say anything Sonia pulls him over to the dance floor. Sumo silently stands by Maya and Mr. Kapoor and stares at Shravan who is now holding Sonia but her waist. Sonia is getting way up and close with Shravan and he tries to move back. Shravan's eyes are focused on Sumo, who is now looking down.

Kapoor: Suman, my child, may I have a dance with you?

Sumo: Yes, of course Uncle.

Mr. Kappor takes Sumo's hand and leads her onto the dance floor. Shravan takes glances of Sumo and is happy that she is enjoying her time. However, he is beyond irritated with Sonia who keeps clinging herself all over Shravan. But for the sake of Ramnath and Kapoor's friendship, he doesn't say anything and goes with the flow.

Sumo and Kapoor are having a great time dancing when a young man comes up behind Mr. Kapoor informing him that he is needed elsewhere. Mr. Kapoor breaks the dance and apologizes to Sumo before leaving. The man looks at Sumo and smiles and she too looks at him and smiles. He is wearing a black tuxedo with a white fitted shirt and looks no less then a British Burberry model.

Man: (holding out a hand for Sumo) Hello beautiful, my name is Aaron.

Sumo: (shaking his hand shyly) Hi, I'm Suman.

Aaron: (kissing the back of her hand) Has anyone ever told you that you are beautiful?

Sumo: (blushing) Thank you.

Aaron: If you don't mind, can I have the honor of dancing with you?

Sumo: (hesitating) Ummmm......

Aaron: Please, I insist.

Sumo: (smiling) I would love to.

Aaron takes Sumo's hand and brings her to the center of the Ball Room. He puts his hands around her waist and she puts her hands on his shoulders. This entire time, Sumo doesn't feel nervous or uncomfortable at all. He doesn't try and push any limits and remains genuine and polite around her. They begin to sway with the music.

While Dancing.

Aaron: (while dancing) So, are you from London?

Sumo: No, I'm from India, I was just visiting with my fiancé.

Aaron: (smiling) Fiancé?

Sumo: (blushing) Yeah.

Aaron: Well he's a lucky man.

Sumo: So are you single?

Aaron: Yeah, I am. And my mother has been spending the entire night trying to set me up with girls.

Sumo: And?? Do you like any of them?

Aaron: Well the one who caught my eyes is engaged. (winking at Sumo who blushed)

Sumo: What do you do?

Aaron: I work with the Royal family. What do you do?

Sumo: I'm a chef. (smiling)

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