chapter 11

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Only sophies pov also there is lots of dialog
They lay on a blanket under the stars. The stars shone brightly and there were many colours that swerved through the sky. It was truly beautiful and it was hard to take her eyes off of it.

"Would it be weird to ask for a dance with no music playing in the background?" he asked kind of shyly.

"It would be weird to dance with out music," she smiled, "but I like weird so sure."

"Wait, you like weird? So am I weird?"

"Well, depends who is asking. The fitz who was at the restaurant or the one in P.E today," she smirked.

"Um restaurant."

"He is weird, did you hear him laugh?" she heard him laugh.

"Ok how about the one in P.E?"

"Also weird," she let out a tiny laugh.

"Ok, I am weird. Would you like to dance now?"

"Okay." they got up and she got into position for slow dance, but than he started waving his arms all over the place. "What are you doing?"

"Well I am dancing, what are you doing?" she snorted trying to keep back a laugh. They looked at each other and laughed.

After they stopped laughing they stood their, until Sophie started waving her arms around. Soon they were "dancing" to no music.

They sat back down exhausted from all the "dancing" and she still held a smile on her face as they looked at each other.

Soon she could feel the warmth of his breath on her face. They inched closer and closer until...Her imparter rang. Sophie looked at her imparter and sure enough it was Biana. Sometimes they talk before bed, and she always picks up right away.

"Who is it?" he asked curiously, probably hoping it wasn't Grady.

"It's Biana. We sometimes talk before bed, and I have always picked it up right away. I am now starting to wonder what would happen if I don't answer."

"Well I don't know what would," his imparter rang. "I should probably answer it." He answered it and winked at her before Biana showed up on the screen.

Sophie couldn't be seen but she can see Biana. "WHERE ARE YOU!?" her yelling probably could be heard far away from them.

"I am out."


Should we tell her


"She is right here," he showed Sophie on the imparter. Sophie waved as Biana started jumping up and down.

"I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT!" she started chanting over and over again. "MOM DAD!" sophie and fitz shared a look when his parents came into view.

"Are you alright?"

"YES!!!LOOK WHO I AM TALKING TO!!" they looked in the imparter and saw fitz, in the middle of nowhere, on a blanket while he is dressed up.

"What are you doing?" Alden asked squinting to see what was really happening. Not to soon after Fitz went red and they could see that.

"Well this has been a fun chat but I should get going," he ran his hand through his hair.

"NO!!! HE IS ON A DATE WITH SOPHIE!!!! SHOW THEM SOPHIE, SHE IS WEARING A DRESS!!!!" She let a little laugh slip through lips again. Why was she so giggly tonight? He looked over at her and she smiled. The imparter was now facing her and him both so she smiled. "SEE SHE IS WEARING A," Alden covered her mouth and Biana began speaking gibberish.

"Have fun," Alden and Della said at the same time as the screen turned off.

They talked a little more before light leaping home. When Sophie got home she went straight to bed trying to avoid any questions Grady and Edaline asked. "I will tell you tomorrow," as she spoke she yawned.

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