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No one gets me like you when you kiss me
Girl you rock me harder than some downtown band
I thought I knew what love was but I didn’t have a clue
I’ve never found anything that makes me feel like I do about

‘Ughhh. I guess this means I need to get up.’ I thought to myself as my ringtone rang through my ears.

“Hello?” I answered groggily.

“Heey look at that! You’re not dead! I thought you were, but Keela said you were still alive. Looks like you were right Keela!” The voice on the other end said. It was Ryleigh.

“Gee. Thanks Ry. Good to know you’re concerned.” I sarcastically replied, still feeling half asleep.

 “So how’s your trip been so far?” she asked me.

“Amazing, actually.” I smiled to myself remembering last night and this morning. Playing truth or dare with some new friends, watching some movies, spending a little quality time with a very attractive boy, and wearing his hoodie… HIS HOODIE!

Crap. I still had it on.

Well, I guess returning it just gives me another reason to see him.

Wait. What am I saying? I don’t like him. He’s a jerk. Remember Erin?? He checked you out!? Not cool. You don’t like him. You don’t like him.

“Erin? You still there?” Ryleigh asked me. Apparently while I was having my internal debate, she carried on with the conversation, and I wasn’t even paying attention.

“Oh, yeah. My bad. Sorry Ry. So how’s everything been back home? How’s Keela?” I asked. I knew I wouldn’t be able to ask Keela myself, since you know, she’s deaf. And this was a phone conversation. So I figured I’d just ask Ry and she can sign to Keela and translate it back to me.

We talked for nearly 20 minutes before we ended our call. I promised I would video chat them later so I could have an actual conversation with Keela myself, and I could sign with her.

But for now, I started to get ready for the day. I showered, dressed, and lightly curled my hair, like I usually do, before I headed downstairs. (Picture over there --->)

I went into the kitchen for breakfast and was greeted by Uncle Cal, Aunt Tara, and Conor.

“Good morning everyone” I said cheerfully as I entered the kitchen.

I received a chorus of good mornings as my reply.

But then Aunt Tara gave me a look that said ‘I know you didn’t come home last night, we’ll talk later’ and I hoped I wasn’t going to be in trouble.

I still had some things I needed to do in my room: unpacking and hanging up pictures and such. So after breakfast I scurried out of the kitchen and up to my room, hoping not to get stopped and scolded by Aunt Tara.

Phew. I made it to my room. At least I’m safe for a little while.

So I proceeded to unpack and “Erin-i-fy” my room with pictures and posters. But of course, I couldn’t do that without playing a little music. I plugged my iPhone into the speakers and let the music blast. ‘Feel So Close’ by Calvin Harris came on, and I practically danced around hanging up pictures of my family back home.

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