Mark from the U.S.

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I'm a bisexual dominant in my early 40s. These days I'm very out and proud about who I am. However when I was a young teen being gay was not only unheard of but also an abomination. My father was very controlling and always made sure that we as his children upheld the family name. So of course when he found out I was bisexual and had a boyfriend he kicked me out of the house disowned me and wrote me out of the will. I was sent to live with my deceased mother's parents who despite being of an even older generation than my father was very accepting and kind to me. They taught me to never be ashamed of who I was. As time grew on I got to witness the changes in society as the LGBT and BDSM communities became more acceptable. It wasn't until I married my late wife and adopted my now son however that my father had anything to do with me. He basically told me that he was glad I put away my foolishness and became a real man by getting married to a woman. I told him to fuck off stay away and I will always be more of a man than he could ever be.

The other story I have is of a young man I've take. Gardianship of. I found him beaten and bruised living under a bridge near a homeless shelter. He was 16 at the time. His father found out he was gay and beat him horribly then threw him out with nothing while his mother stood by and told him he was an abomination and was going to hell. He lived under the bridge because he didn't want to be a foster kid and if he went to the shelter they would report him to CPS. I took him in talked to his parents got gardianship of him. Moved him my son and myself to a new town so he could have a fresh start and enrolled him in school. Now he is a senior in high school and about to graduate and go off to college. He wants to be a lawyer and make more inclusive laws for the LGBT community. He is a fine upstanding young man and I couldn't be prouder of him


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