{Scarlett's POV}

I stood in awe at the palace before me. I never thought I'd get a chance to see it, and see it in person at that. It was beautiful, every inch of the place was detailed in such a fine manor. I feel so out of place. I glanced down at my simple tank top, jeans, and sneakers and then glanced at Christian who was grabbing our bags. His expensive tailored suit clung well to him.

How did I get a chance to be with him? I'm starting to question fate, why me? He could have a gorgeous girl, then there's me. Plain and simple.

"I can help." I mumbled walking beside him.

"No thank you, I've got it." I reluctantly nodded and trailed behind him up the stairs to the main entrance.

Once you entered the pack, it takes almost and hour to get to where the palace is. Houses were scattered here and there. The Royal Pack wouldn't seem like a big pack speaking you have to be born into it, or mated to someone from it, but over the hundreds of years its been up, it has grew. People found mates outside of the pack, then they got married, had pups and so forth. It just kept happening. A lot of servants and maids lived throughout the palace and some homes too.

Guards opened the door for us muttering a 'your majesty' and a butler came to grab our bags and dashed away after Christian notified them to be put in his room. His room.

I watched as people stood around curiously looking at me, probably wondering what a girl like me was doing with their king. As if noticing my uneasiness, Christian put a hand on the small of my back.

"How about I take you to my room and you can rest? I need to speak to my father." I nodded as we heard a small gasp as he said 'his room'. Glancing over, a woman stood whispering to people around her.

"Who is she?" I heard faintly as we started walking towards the stairs next to them.

"No telling, probably a stray he took pity on. How with Amanda feel?" A voice joked.

Christian came to a halt, and I knew he had heard the last one.

"Enough! If I hear anymore negative comments, I won't be afraid to banish you from the pack. You're a royal, act like one." He snapped at the group and their eyes widened in fear.

"Come on, Scarlett." He mumbled pulling me to him and we continued walking and went up the stairs with everyones shocked eyes on us. My wolf was howling with joy.

He stood up for us.

We made it to the very top floor and you had to have a code to even get into the hallway. Once he typed it in we opened the door walking down and came to another door. Once again, he typed a code in.

Though, I was amazed when he opened it, it was like a huge penthouse. You wouldn't even think it was in a palace to be honest.

"Wow, quite a bachelors pad you have here." I joked walking in looking around and heard his soft chuckle.

"Oh yes, the ladies just love it." He joked back and I felt my chest tighten wondering how many girls have been up here, how many he has been with.

There was a nicely sized kitchen and living room that hit you right as you walked in the door. Other doors were around leading to who knows where.

"I'll give you a tour later, but for now I can show you my room and you can rest." He grabbed our bags that were sat by the door and started walking but stopped.

"Unless you want your room right away. It's just not made up fully yet." he said and I smiled.

"That's very considerate of you, but for a quick rest your room will be fine, if that's okay with you? Tonight I can sleep in the guest room. I just don't want to rush things." I said fiddling with my thumbs.

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