Atzuyi from Mexico

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Oh hello! Here goes my rambling hehe

Well, about my sexuality, I always categorized myself as heterosexual, but I never felt attracted to anyone. It was hard when my friends always talked about how hot someone was and I was like " yeah... am I supposed to find him hot? I mean he's cute and I ship him with this other guy, but that's it". I also was a little bit bullied because I never had boyfriends, I just didn't felt the attraction. I always thought it would arrive when I was older, but it never came. 

I also thought for a while that I was asexual, but I did have sexual needs, I just didn't know anyone I was attracted to. After reading a story from Wattpad I discovered about demisexuality and started searching. I immediately felt understood and it was like divine light was coming from my computer because I finally felt that I wasn't just a really weird heterosexual or a really weird asexual. I took a while to tell my parents, and they were fine with it (specially my dad cause it would mean I wouldn't do it with just anyone lol). My friends where also okay about it. But when it came to my not direct family, it was awkward. They're the one who told me I was just picky and such. It wasn't with bad intentions but it still hurt when they thought I was going through a phase.

Anyway, I don't think my life would have been different if I wasn't demisexual. Maybe in the romantic aspect, but not the rest. I would like to tell people like me that they're not weird, just different.

Now about Mexico, it depends a lot on where you live. In my culture people aren't racist, they are more classist. In other words, it's more important if you have money than what color you are. It's something sad, but if you have money it doesn't matter if you are white, brown, purple, pink or whatever. Saying this, the way people think are also based on that. The people that have either a lot of money or none are more conservatives, they don't like change. This means that most of the times different sexualities are not accepted and kind of taboo.

But the new generations are more open minded about this theme and I've seen a lot of acceptance. Most of the people that don't accept the lgbt community are reserved about their opinion and don't say anything, though a lot of religious people sometimes make protests against the community, but almost everyone ignores them.I'm catholic and have absolute no problem, but the ones that do are mostly adults over 40 and the church. In general we are not really conflictive, everyone minds their own business I guess.

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