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I shifted under his gaze as he made his way towards me. Wearing a cream suit, one hand in his pocket, Xavier Elray welcomed me with a smile.

"We should stop meeting like this." He chimed.

I lifted my eyes and felt the corners of my lips curl. "Nice to see you too, Xavier."

"I like what you've done with your hair." He gently swayed his hand towards a stray curl, sending a waft of his minty cologne.

"Oh, yeah my straighteners are kind of lost in transit," I frowned, that wasn't possible but they were probably lost.

He chuckled, "I like it, suits you."

"Thanks," I breathed out.

"So what brings you around here?" He asked, turning on his heels and making his way back to his seat.

I watched him return, the suit was neatly formed around his broad shoulders.

"Oh I'm setting up things for the meeting–will you also be attending?" I asked quizzically.

Xavier smiled, though I couldn't tell his expression. His brown eyes seeped into my own as he bought a hand to his mouth, his long fingers playing with his lips.

"Well I do own a quarter of the Fontaine industries, so yes." He looked around at the other chairs, until his gaze hit the very one in the middle.

I stared at his features as the shadows of the blinds cascaded around his cheeks. Contouring the already high cheeks of his face, creating hollows that gave him a darker look than usual. His skin was slightly fairer than Mr. Fontaine's and more friendly.

"You don't really seem like brothers, well of course I don't know you personally but nor do you lool alike."

He whipped his head back to me, his golden hair swaying through his abrupt motion.

"I'm sorry, that was rude of me." I gripped tightly onto the papers in my hand. Idiot Elisa.

He waved his hand in the air, "not at all and it's fine we tend to get that a lot."

I furrowed my brows as something dark twinkled in his eyes, whether it was the shadow from his hair or the lights in the room. His gaze felt like it was hiding something.

I sighed, "well I should get to work, have things set up before the dragon arrives."

His deep voice echoed into the room as he laughed. "Dragon? Well now that's a first. I don't suppose you've called him that to his face."

"Me?" I widened my eyes in surprise, "no chance, he's already keeping me as some kind of maid, God knows what he'd do if he heard the insults I've been throwing in my head."

Xavier smirked and chuckled once again. His brown eyes could make any girl melt, as they crinkled through his smile.

"You are a funny one, Elisa."

I pursed my lips in a smile, "thanks." I shuffled the documents in my hand.

"Here is the agenda for today's meeting. I'll just set the rest of the things and get going."

I handed Xavier a pack, when his hands brushed alongside my own, taking in his hooded gaze, I looked up not knowing what to expect.

Instantly he grabbed a hold of me, my body falling onto his as he sat on the chair. His soft lips slammed against my own, I felt a sudden rush of heat rise inside of me, sending waves of electricity.

His lips parted slightly, he bit down on my bottom lip causing me to gasp. His hand was now clasped against my waist, I closed my eyes in defeat.

There was a knock on the door.

I pushed Xavier away, yet his grip only tightened. His large hand was wrapped around my waist and pulled me further, I opened my eyes only to be met with the mysterious gaze held in his chocolate coated balls.

"Xavier," I breathed.


I jumped at the familiar voice.

Xavier had pulled his lips away from my own, a sudden cold breeze emanating around us.

I suddenly grabbed my dress, smoothing down any creases, all the while knowing a pair of eyes were staring daggers down at me.

"Big bro, so good to see you." Xavier spoke as though nothing had happened.

"Elisa, what did I tell you to do?"

"Err, I– was actually just setting things–"

"By throwing yourself at a man–"


I lifted my head, my cheeks flustered from embarrasment as I narrowed my eyes at the  statue before me. How dare he even think such a thing, he stood there with his might and glory as he dare to judge me.

"I didn't throw myself at anyone, I did come here to set up and was an hour early than expected."

"Relax Darius, it's not her fault. I came onto her by surprise, you know how I've always been, everytime I see a pretty little thing."

The sweetness in Xavier's voice was quite soothing, but I was a little annoyed at how I got in trouble because of him.

"I don't care whose fault it was, don't ever do anything like that again, especially when you are working here."

Mr. Fontaine stood tall and rubbed his annoyance on his stubble. His sharp nose was scrunched in disgust as his hazel eyes narrowed at my insignificance.

I balled my hand into a fist, shaking as I felt an anger rise inside me. I was a shy person, and at times quite intimidated of others but what I hated the most was when I was accused for something I did not do.

"How can you say that when your fiancee clearly does the same when you're working and in my presence. That to me is unprofessional, if you're going to have it that way."

I let out a sigh, though Mr. Fontaine only smirked, stepping a foot closer.

He arched a bushy brow, as it hid behind the many strands that frayed away from his styled hair.

"Jealous?" His deep tone dripped like honey as it spread into my ears.

I pursed my lips, his gaze never leaving mine as he licked his own.

"You or your fiancee? Because I certainly don't care for the either of you." I spoke back, once again biting my lip in annoyance.

"Oh, you have quite the feisty PA." Xavier whistled, causing me to look at him with confusion.

He held his hands in the air, "sorry."

I shook my head and looked at both of the brothers. "Honestly if there's something going on between the two of you, don't have me in the middle of it and as for you Mr. Elray, please don't kiss me as though it is something casual."

I huffed out a sigh and strutted passed Mr. Fontaine. "I'll have the refreshments bought up," I mentioned as I neared the door.

Slamming it shut.


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