Chapter 21

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David's POV :
Everything is black. My head hurts and my everything is numb and my ears are ringing. I gradually start to hear again but its muffled. It sounds like shouting maybe? I'm not numb anymore I can feel everything again... my phone is going crazy but my eyelids are too heavy to open. The shouting is going quite and I'm going numb again...

John's POV :
I was sitting on a bus stop bench waiting for the bus when I heard the loudest bang ever. I immediately shoot up trying to figure out where it came from, I walk around the corner to see that a big Target lorry and maybe a Tesla have crashed and to be honest... it doesn't look good for either of them. I rush off the the accident. People are screaming and crying, some people had already called the ambulance and checking the lorry driver so I go to see if the dude in the Tesla is... alive I guess.
I check his pulse and... it's slow but he's alive.
John - "Hello!? Hello, sir, my name is John. You've been in a accident are you alright?"
Of course I knew the answer to that but I still asked it.
David - "L - li... Liza... t-th- the baby..."
His word where slurred but I made out what he said.
John - "Sir can you tell me your name?"
David - "D- David"
He said coughing but managing to open his eyes slightly.
David - "My- my name is D- David. A- and my girlfriend- she's pregnant. I need to get to her"
He said it weakly but I couldn't let him go. I saw his phone was going crazy and if said "Zane"
John - "David, who's Zane? Where does he live maybe he can help you?"
David - "Go get him. He lives on Click bate Stree 1234" (I'm so sorry guys 😂😂😭)
John - "Okay, I'll be back soon, you'll get to Liza"

I sprint to Zanes place to get him

Zanes POV :

It's the door, someone probably forgot something. I open the door to see... just some random guy standing there. He looks sweaty as fuck.
Zane - "Um... can I help you?"
John - "Your friend David! He's been in an accident!"
Zane - "WHAT?"
I quickly grab my car keys and phone and john shows me where to go.
I see David from the distance he's on the floor slouched over and from what I can see he looks a mess.
Zane - "DAVID!! DAVID!"
David just looks up at me. He's got a cut across the side of his forehead, nosebleed and a cut lip and probably some broken bones.
Zane - "David Liza's gone into labour, but you can't go like this."
David - "WHAT?! How long ago? I need to go can you dri-"
He falls back to the floor.
Nurse lady - "Sir you need to stay seated!"
John - "David I'm sorry but Zanes right, you gotta stay here"
David just looks down, still slouched over.

David's POV :

John - "I'm sorry guys but I've got to go, David I hope everything goes well with you and Liza."
David - "Thanks man. And thank for helping"
John flashes Zane and I a smile and jogs off out of the way of the ambulance people.
David - "Zane how long ago did Liza leave yours?"
Zane - "Her and Gabbie left about 15 minutes ago, there probably half way there already same with everyone else"
David - "Zane, I'm not missing this. You have to get me there. Please. I can get checked out there too, I don't care if I've got a broken leg, ribs, hand you name it I don't care. The only thing I care about right now is getting to Liza."
Zane - "You still owe me a Taco Bell"
He said laughed and I put out my hand and he help me up.
David - "Also... the Taco Bell is in the car so if you want it go get it but be quick!"
We both laughed and I limped to the car in agony while Zane got the Taco Bell.

Next chapter(s) will be up tomorrow! Hope you liked?? Also how can people say my babies aren't cute? Like bitch come have coffee talk we me and we can discus it then. Anyways have a good day or night, next chapter up tomorrow 😂💗  Little white girl is outttttttt! Byeeeeeee! Xox

 Anyways have a good day or night, next chapter up tomorrow 😂💗  Little white girl is outttttttt! Byeeeeeee! Xox

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