Chapter 20

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Heyo guys! I'm literally so sorry, I have no excuse for why I haven't updated in 5 months I just haven't updated but these next chapters are gonna be pretty good! Hope you enjoy!

Liza's POV :

After about an hour we finally head over to Zane and Heaths place.
We get to Zane and Heaths place and walk in.
Liza and Gabbie - "Hey guys!"
Everyone - "Heyyyy!!"
Zane - "Hey Liza when's David getting here?"
Liza - "What? He left ages-"
All of a sudden my water broke

Liza - "Omg- um I need to get to the hospital everyone meet us there. Someone call David please!"
They all nod quickly and get the door for me while Gabbie helps me get into the car. If only someone was recording... would of been perfect clickbate.

Zane's POV :

Zane -"I'll call David now and meet you guys at the hospital!"
Everyone - "Okay see you there!"
I call David and he doesn't answer. I call him 7 times, leave 4 voice mails and 14 texts but no response. Why isn't he answering? LIZA'S HAVING THE BABY AND HES JUST DISAPPEARED INTO THIN AIR?


It's the door, someone probably forgot something. I open the door to see...

David's POV :

Everything is black. My head hurts and my everything is numb and my ears are ringing. I gradually start to hear again but its muffled. It sounds like shouting maybe? I'm not numb anymore I can feel everything again... my phone is going crazy but my eyelids are too heavy to open. The shouting is going quite and I'm going numb again...

AHHH ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER WHATS WRONG WITH ME!!! Before I say anything the next chapter is going up now! And thank you guys so much for 22k reads 😭💔!!! Literally don't know what I'd do without you guys and tbh I don't know how I've got that many reads bc of my crap updating 😂. Anyways thank you guys so much, next chapter going up now! Ilysm 😘🌎💗
Thanks for reading. Little white girl is outttttttt! Byeeeeeee! Xox

 Little white girl is outttttttt! Byeeeeeee! Xox

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