Chapter 18

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After leaving the Chelsea, Bruno said that part of what he had planned for me included needing a bathing suit and towel – puzzled I went back to the room, packed a small beach tote and we went out.  He said he had loads of surprises for me – I couldn’t wait!  First he took me to the Stratosphere Hotel where there is a 1,149 foot tower!  All I am going to say is that the views were breath-taking!  After that he took me back along the strip to New York, New York and we went on the rollercoaster there – well I have to admit I screamed the entire time and held onto Bruno’s hand pretty tightly throughout!  We had lunch and fresh margaritas at Flamingo Las Vegas and finally, when curiosity was about to get the better of me, Bruno finally told me why I needed a bikini (luckily I had actually packed one on the off chance!) – we went to the MGM Grand where they have ‘Wet Republic’ – a huge pool party with sun loungers in the pool, comfy sun loungers with mattresses and the most amazing cocktails.  We got there at about 3.30pm and we went off to get changed.  I walked out with my red halter (and push up – thankfully) bikini on and my towel wrapped around my waist, Bruno was leaning against the railings by the pool in his Hawaiian swim shorts.  ‘You ready babe?’ I said – his face when he turned round was an absolute picture, his jaw actually dropped open!  When he didn’t say anything I said ‘what? Does it not look right? do I need to change?’ – Finally Bruno spoke, well almost squeaked ‘erm NO definitely not’ – he cleared his throat – ‘you look amazing! Let’s go get a drink and chill in the pool.  Although when you’re looking like that I wish we were back at the Cosmo!’ – I blushed a deep crimson red, I am pretty sure it was the same shade as my bikini.


Bless Chloe; she flushed such a deep red whenever I complimented her.  Damn she looked hot… I mean seriously hot – this was going to be a hard afternoon – in many ways with her looking like that.  She’d taken her bandage off her hand as it was feeling better and even though I could see the faint marks of a bruise, the ice seemed to have helped a lot.  I took her good hand and we walked round to the ‘pool bar’ only being stopped by a couple of fans on the way – getting us a drink each we decided to go for a swim then settle on the in pool loungers for a bit before we had to go back.  For the next half hour or so we messed about in the pool, splashing each other, cuddling and just talking.  I sat on a ledge in the pool with Chloe straddling me, resting her arms on my shoulders.  Suddenly she let out a deep and sad sounding sigh.  ‘What’s up gorgeous?’ I asked her – ‘I’m just sad that this is all going to end tomorrow when I have to leave and get a flight to somewhere else.’ She said with a sad smile.  I brushed a strand of hair behind her ear – ‘we will work this out Chloe, I swear it – I’m not going to let it end in Vegas… I can’t’ – smiling she said ‘we’ll have to wait and see I guess’.  Moving backwards she turned around and moved onto one of the loungers, I sat behind her, resting my head on her shoulder.  What she had said really hit home… how we could leave it after spending so much time together over the last 3 days… She’d made such a huge impact in my life.  I resolved to find a solution before she left tomorrow.


We grabbed a cab back to the Cosmo as we stayed out a little later than we should have.  I said to Bruno I needed a shower and time to get ready for tonight and he needed to go and do a final systems and sound check before the final concert tonight – I was of course going.  I had been in the room about half an hour and had had my shower, chosen my outfit for the night and put the basics of my makeup on whilst my hair was pinned up in a towel when someone knocked on my door.  Frowning as I knew Bruno had a key I wondered who it was.  I opened the door and a concierge handed me a sealed envelope and quickly bowed and walked away – even more puzzled now I closed the door and opened the letter – it was from Bruno saying he would pick me up from the room at 7.30pm before escorting me to the Chelsea where there was going to be some food sorted out for everyone.  At 7.30pm on the dot the door went again – smiling I walked over (in my skinny jeans, La Boutin heels, lace crop top and jacket with statement jewellery and hair in loose waves), opened the door and there was Bruno in smart jeans, shirt and jacket with a single white rose held out to me.  I melted – I mean I literally melted!  Only problem was I had made a decision this evening that after the concert I would break it off -  I liked him so much but couldn’t deal with saying goodbye tomorrow… I couldn’t handle any more heartache…

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