chapter 10

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Sophies pov
When school finished Sophie rushed home. She had to get changed before Fitz arrived, which was after he got dressed too.

She was in her closet throwing clothes everywhere. When had she became so into looks? She hadn't but she had decided to wear a dress and she couldn't find one she liked. Sophie didn't even notice when Edaline came into the room.

"I like that teal dress." sophie looked up at Edaline and back at the teal dress she was holding at the top 

"Okay, thanks." She ran to the bathroom to change.

"Are you going to tell me why you are dressing up?" Edaline asked through the door.

"Ummm," was all she could say as she brushed her through her knotted hair. "Maybe later."

"Fitz is here!"Grady yelled, but you could hear some anger in his voice. Sophie put some shoes on and walked down the stairs and saw Fitz red and Grady had a slight frown to his face. "Where are you guys going and what are you going to be doing? Also why are you wearing a dress?" She almost made it down the stairs with out falling but apparently it wasn't her day.

Sophie fell but Fitz caught her. Great was all she thought before standing straight up and looking at Grady. "We were going to walk around Havenfield. Also I am wearing a dress because I wanted to try something new." Grady nodded his head and they walked outside.

Sophie noticed Fitz was dressed up too. "So what do you want to do?" She asked hoping that it wouldn't be where their friends would see them and ask questions. They walked for a little bit until she had to know. "Is this a date?" When she asked in P.E she hoped it was a date but she never really asked him on a date.

"It is if you want it to be," he sounded hopeful and kind of nervous, even though they both know they like each other.

"I would like it to be a date," she reached for his hand and they intertwined. They walked for a little while before he spoke.

"Know how you asked what I wanted to do, well I know what to do." She felt nervous, what was he thinking about. They stopped and he turned her to him. Their eyes locked and she felt a small smile form.

"What is it?" Sophie asked confused and wondering what it was.

"Well let's make it a real date. We will finish this walk than we will go eat dinner," he paused for a moment. "But after we will go star gazing." he looked up to the sky and as he did she looked up too. Soon multiple suns would light up the sky.

"Okay." She looked back over to him and saw him looking into the sky still. He had a big smile plastered on his face as he looked down at her and her heart fluttered.

They walked and walked until they were hungry.

Fitz's pov
They hadn't chosen a restaurant yet but they leapt to the place before they went to Atlantis. (i wasn't sure which cites had restaurants) Sophie looked at the water and smiled her gorgeous smile. Their hands were intertwined as they looked at each other.

"Am I going to have to push you because we have to go?" She asked as he laughed.

"I defiantly don't want to get pushed so," he unwrapped their hands and jumped.

When they got down they both started to walk towards some of the places they could eat at.

When they were seated they started to talk. "When my dad talked to you yesterday, what did he say?"

Fitz could remember the whole talk. "I will tell you telepathically."

He told me he saw the way that we look at each other and he basically told me to be careful, and if I were to ever hurt you that he would use his ability on me. Than he told me that he would prefer me over Keefe.

"Oh. Was it uncomfortable?"

"Yah, I was probably noticeably red."

"You were." after she said that she let a little laugh slip through her lips. She looked like she was going to say something else but she laughed again, but this time she couldn't stop. Not to long after he was laughing too. Not only were they laughing uncontrollably they were laughing very loudly.

People were staring at the two of them. Some people were whispering saying something along the lines of "sophie foster and fitz vacker." He couldn't hear much more though because the laughing fit got even more intense.

When they were finished laughing they looked around at the shocked expressions on peoples faces.

They had finished their dinner and people watched as they left. Both Sophie and Fitz were red in the face because of how hard they were laughing. Sophie had even cried because she was laughing to hard. Her laugh made Fitz warm on the inside because it was a beautiful sound.

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