"Protect" Im Jaebum (GOT7)

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author's note
i will try to keep this short, thank you for all the support and love! these oneshots will be all as thank yous to all my amazing readers. i will always accept suggestions and you can always take an idea from here and make it a story. enjoy!

(y/n)'s POV:
"JB! Are you here?" I yelled as I opened the door to our apartment unit. "I'm home!"
"(y/n)?" I heard him holler back from his room. "I'll be out in a second!"
"Alright!" I walked into the kitchen for a glass of water, "I'm in the kitchen!"

As I got myself a cup, I noticed all the fresh cuts, wounds, and bruises covering my arms. My short sleeves left all my injuries uncovered and exposed. Why were some people so mean and harsh? I felt so sore and beaten as I reached over for the water pitcher. Everything ached and hurt. I poured the water and gently put the pitcher back down as I heard a gasp come from behind me.

"(y/n)! What happened?" JB rushed over to me and gently pulled me into a warm hug. A worried look was painted across his face as he looked at me.
"Nothing, really." I lied, he couldn't know that I got bullied again today. "I just fell down the stairs on my way home."
"Jeez." He sighed as he ran a hand through his jet black hair, keeping his arm around me. "You have to be more careful."
"I'm fine, don't worry about it." I smiled at him and turned back to take a sip of water. As I grabbed my cup, JB saw more cuts and bruises and grabbed my wrist.
"Look at you!" He worriedly spoke. He quickly took the cup out of my hand, put it down, before lifting my arm up. He stared at my arm, inspecting it and all the different wounds. "How many wounds do you have?"
"I'm fine, really!" I laughed as he picked me up and carried me to his room. It was like this every time I came home with injuries, JB would always dress them and take care of them for me.
"No, it's not! Almost everyday, you have new wounds!" He placed me on his bed and grabbed his first aid kit. "How do you even manage to injure yourself so often?"
"You're the one to talk!" I teased, getting up to stand next to him. "You always come home with injuries too!" I grabbed his arm and lifted his hoodie sleeve up, revealing many little cuts and bruises. "Look! Worse than me!"
"I'm fine!" JB defensively spoke and pulled his hoodie sleeve back down. He opened the first aid kit and took out a bandaid.
"No you're not! These are brand new cuts! They are still bleeding!" I quickly took the bandaid out of his hand and rolled his sleeve up, to put it on one of his many cuts. "How did you even get all these?"
"None of your business." He grabbed another bandaid and quickly put it on one of my cuts. "Now, stop wasting my bandaids. You need them more than I do."

After about half an hour of struggling to take care of each other, JB and I collapsed on his bed. We wasted so much energy fighting over who should get the last of the bandaids. Why did he always act so nice to me? He always has his own bruises and wounds, yet he insists on only taking care of mine. How did he even get all those injuries? Despite being his roommate for about a year, I still had no idea how he managed to come home everyday with new injuries.

"JB," I started, nervous about how he would react. "how do you get injured everyday? Really I want to know. Please be honest."
"I don't think you want to know, (y/n)." He sighed and turned to look at me directly in the eyes.
"Please." I pleaded like a little child, "I don't like having to take care of your wounds all the time. I don't like that you are always injured."
"Well, please do not be mad at me." He started, fumbling his hands and speaking very nervously. "I know that you are bullied very often." He paused, trying to maintain his anger. "I don't understand why they would be so mean to someone so amazing and nice and beautiful like you."
"JB." I whined, he shouldn't put himself in danger with me. I was so worried about him that I didn't even blush or think about how he complimented me. "Don't, stop. Don't put yourself in danger because of me."
"But I don't want them to be so mean to you anymore. They need to stop." JB harshly spoke, anger evident in his tone.
"Please, don't fight them anymore." I pleaded with him, gently grabbing his hands. "I'll be okay."
"I can't let you just get bullied all the time." He sighed before continuing, "I want them to stop."
"Why?" I stared him in the face, "You don't need to do this. I don't want you injuring yourself because of me!"
"Don't laugh at me, or hate me after this." JB turned to look at the ceiling, pulling his hands away from mine.
"I promise, I won't." I looked at him, extremely curious. What would he say? What could he say that would make me hate him after living with him for nearly a year?
"I really like you." JB kept staring at the ceiling as I felt blush rise to my face. "I'm not joking. I can't stand not being around you. I constantly worry about you. I just want you to be with me. Because I love you." There was a long pause, I was completely speechless. JB continued, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that. Just forget-"
"How could I forget?" I grabbed his hand as he tried to walk away. "How could I possibly forget about someone confessing to me? Especially if that someone is a person I have liked for almost a year now?" I bit my lip, my heart was racing a million miles per hour. I had actually wanted to tell JB I liked him for so long, but just never had the courage.
"What?" JB looked at me in disbelief, "Really?"
"Yes!" I smiled at him, shocked as well. "I have wanted to tell you I like you for so long."
"Me too." JB choked back tears. "I really love you."
"I love you too." I pulled JB into a warm hug, cherishing every moment of it.

I could not believe that JB actually liked me back. After all the nights fighting each other for bandaids, cleaning each other's wounds, watching tv; I couldn't believe he had also fallen for me. I pulled away from the hug and looked at JB, tears slightly blurring my vision. JB smiled back at me and held my face in his warm hands. I smiled and leaned my forehead against his, I was so happy. He wiped the tears away from my eyes, so I could clearly see him. My heart felt like stopping as I felt his warm forehead against mine and inhaled his addicting scent. He slightly leaned forward and my whole body warmed up as I felt his lips press against mine. A blush brightly tinted my face as he pulled away.

"How about instead of fighting for you, from now on, I'll be there to protect you?"

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