Chapter 12

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Chapter 12:

Erikka's P.o.v.

(A/n: real quick I have changed Erikka's age to sixteen. I was thinking about age differences and fifteen is a tad to young for who I want her to be!)

BANG! I rubbed my head after it was rammed into the ceiling of the van. "Argus, I know you can see the potholes, so pleeeease avoid them?" He chuckled and the blue eye on the back of his neck winked at me.

Argus was like a camp director. He seemed kind of like a surfer boy until you notice the brilliant blue eyes all over him.

Leo sat next to Nico and the door while I was wedged in between Anna and Nico. "You see this white van? It's bad luck. White vans attract rapists and what if they think we stole their white van? They start trying to kill everyone, making us get into the middle of a full blown mafia war!" They each gave me an odd look and I shrugged through my blush. "It could happen."

Anna bursted out laughing and Nico joined her. Leo barely let a chuckle escape before he was back to being sober and quiet. I frowned at him before looking out the window, watching the green hills slip away as we drove towards the airport.

I could feel Anna's stare burn a hole in my cheek, but I wouldn't look at her because I knew she would bring up something about Leo: she seemed to do that a lot lately.

"Get your stuff ready, we're a few miles from the airport." Nico said, bending over to retrieve his own bag off of the floor.

Leo grabbed his from the back and mine was in my lap like Anna's. The van came to rolling stop before parking. Anna opened the door and hopped out, leaving us to follow. We each called a goodbye to Argus before following her.

As we walked in and went to get our luggage checked, the problem of being underaged suddenly hit me. "What are we supposed to-"

"Shush, child." Anna raised a delicate hand, but now it was larger. Her tan skin seemed more exotic than usual, and her almond eyes were larger. She'd grown a few inches and her long black hair was twisted into a tight bun rather than bouncing down her back like usual. Her Harry Potter vintage t-shirt and jean shorts had turned into a suit and skirt. She looked 20 or older rather than sixteen.

She walked easily up to the desk and talked with the person behind the table. I felt weird, like my brain was sluggish. Raising my hand to scratch my nose, I noticed chubby toddler fingers where mine should have been. My head shot to look at Nico and Leo, and they had changed, too. Nico looked a little older than me, while Leo had grown a mustache and slicked his hair back. What was this, the 50's?

We had our tickets after a minute or two, and Anna walked over to pick me up. The weird thing was, though I knew she was holding me, I could still feel the ground beneath my feet as we walked to the metal detectors. After breezing through them, our weapons not even causing a pathetic beep from the machine. Once nearing the gate we would be waiting at, Anna dragged us into a family bathroom.

Setting me down and snapping her fingers, I watched as my fingers went slowly back to normal. We all looked normal again, and I raised an eyebrow at Anna whom was fluffing her hair in the mirror.

As she flipped her hair, she gave me a smirk. "Dionysus is the god of madness. It's sort of like the Mist that veils monsters from humans, except I trick the minds around me into seeing whatever I want." Anna adjusted her shirt and added, "When I was younger, I made people see me as Hannah Montana. And then I was the one with the best of both worlds." The evil glint in her eye forced me to back up a step, making me fall into Leo. He let out a groan and pushed me forward onto my feet, ignoring my blushing cheeks.

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