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Hello, this is Dayn or @oggiethefurryxoxo on Wattpad. Here is my story of USA;

the beginning

my name is Dayn. i am 15 and i love to be myself. here, let me tell you my back story so you can understand my milestones better.

i feel like i've been questioning my sexuality for thousands of years, but obviously, i haven't. my first encounter with the lgbtq+ community happened when i was nine or ten.
i had seen a male gay couple, kissing eachother at the store. i was shocked, if i'm being honest. never before have i seen such a weird thing, but instead of all my life being taught that being gay is wrong, i thought it was adorable. i remember vividly that i had started giggling and they looked surprised, then they smiled at me. my mom wasn't sharing the same thoughts as me though, as she quickly yanked me away (not enough to hurt don't worry =) ) and continued shopping.

i was confused because she usually is nice to strangers, so i began to really think about why she hated the cute couple.
i decided to drop the topic soon after, however, because as soon as i asked she threatened to put away a toy i really really wanted so i knew mommy won this time.

About a couple of weeks later, living in florida at the time, it was a really hot day. maybe around 100°, and we didn't have air conditioning for a while. i was laying on my bedroom floor, enjoying the cool wooden slabs. i had just gotten home from school today and being in elementary our activity was randomized. We had p.e. that day and it was annoying to run around outside when you could fry an egg on the sidewalk. but the reason why i was such in deep thought on my bedroom floor was because we had played a game called pac-man, where you had to stay on the lines on the asphalt and don't get caught by the "ghosts" or the people with sticks, or you were out.
and upon playing the game, we had the very last round be boys vs girls. and the first thing i thought of was "aww man. i wish i was a boy."
this wasn't the first time i had thought of this, but for some reason, this particular time it was the only thing on my mind. and i got a brilliant idea that day.

the idea was for me to be a boy in school.

the next day, i dressed in the most boy-ish outfit i had. now, already being a "tomboy," i never wanted to wear dresses or skirts. so when i looked through my dresser, i was able to wear a boy outfit.

i was estatic.

so i walked to my bustop and waited for the other kids to get there. and once a boy named eric showed up, i grinned at him. now, if you know me, sometimes i can be overly confident about some things, and really stubborn. that will come into effect. eric smiled at me and then he had giggled.

i was confused and had asked why he laughed, and he responded with
"you look like a boy!" i had been very proud because i did accomplish my plans, and then told him,

"that's because i am. from this day forward i will be a boy."

and i was honest. my friends had immediately accepted the idea and told me they always knew i was a boy. i felt so much better being a boy, and in 6th grade i took on the name Dayn.

but all good things come to an end. i hadn't mentioned anything to my mom, and we ended up moving. i was so sad to leave my friends behind, but i couldn't do anything. so i bidded florida a farewell, and welcomed the new state i was moving to with open arms.


and here is where it got bad. i like the scenery of utah and it has a nice education system, but the main problem is that the whole state is ruled by religion. mormon people are everywhere and i was brand new to mormon so i didn't know what to behave like. and utah may have some safeplaces, but school is not one for me. i have lost contact with my florida friends and now i feel alone here. i had eventually came out to my mom as female to male, or ftm, transgender and she is accepting. she is slow with change, but thats okay. she still loves me.

i have currently started gender therapy and tonight i will be going to an lgbtq+ teen support group, so i am very glad that usa has made it in it's agenda to accept us queer folk.

i have made enough progress to where mom is finally letting me get a chest binder, and is looking into blockers. i wish you all luck as well.

and to those out there who are struggling to come out to parents, look at it this way;

your pov.
why can't they realize that this isn't a phase? that they're hurting me and destroying how i am? if they want me to be who i want, then how come they wont allow it?

parents pov.
what did i do wrong? is this an actual phase? did i do something that made then this way? i don't want them hurt. did i hurt them..? i want to keep them happy. why can't they see it from my way? i'm doing this to protect them..

it is hard to finally come out of that closet and join all the other rainbows in the sky, but remember. communication is key. always stay calm and work with your family. don't let them do all the work, lean back and meet them in the middle, and slowly pull them to your side.

stay strong, stay alive, and keep trying.

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