Chapter 17

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Chat Noir's Pov

I stared horrified, my eyes ready to pop out."Y-Y/N?"I statered out.Oh god.I really hopped that I was mistaken. She just shot a glare towards my way.

"Me?Her?Hahahaha"She laughed like a maniac."That useless piece of trash is not here anymore. I'm Silent wolf and you two will give me your miraculous"Silent Wolf stated.

I looked at Ladybug worried sick and she didn't have the best reaction neither."Sorry but we'll never give our miraculous!" Ladybug stated.

Silent Wolf just 'tsk' smirking.She looked straight in our eyes and chuckled lowly."Then...I'll have to call for some help.You know,to make it even"She said and next to her came the last person that I wanted to see.

"VOLPINA?!?!?"Me and Ladybug said in unison,shocked.She smirked our way and took out her flute."Missed me?"She asked pouting.

"No"I spat and she smiled sadly"To sad,I'll be the last thing you see so get used to me"She laughed and both of them attacked.

Me and Ladybug quickly jumped and started attacking.Me Silent Wolf while Ladybug Volpina." Y/N please. I know you're in there.I'm here for you.Don't listen to Hawk Moth"I stated pleadingly.

She just looked at me in pity."Awww do you really think that true love will concur hate?Chat Noir,this is real life.Not some 6 year's old girl's princess book."She said and through me a kick. I tried to dodge it but I was to slow.I winced and backed away.

"Fine.If you want to play the hard way" I said eyeing her as I pulled out my baton.

"It was never the easy way darling"She said and took out a bow.She shot me arrows but I dodged them rolling away from them.

I quickly went for cover but that was when something landed on my back.I winced and fell down.I touched my back to find an arrow disappearing. I felt weak,like closing my eyes.I then heard laughter.

"Getting sleepy now kitty"I heard heels near me.I looked up and saw Silent Wolf above me.I tried to grab her but my hand fell right back to the ground.Out of the blue I heard someone shouting my name.

Ladybug's Pov

"Chat!"I screamed as I saw him land on the ground.I quickly deflected a hit from Volpina and ran to Chat.I saw Silent Wolf next to him about to grab his miraculous.I reached them in a blink of an eye and pushed her out of the way.

I looked at Chat to see a blue mark on his back fading.He groaned under my hold and opened his eyes."Chat!Are you alright?"I asked worried.He got up and nodded slowly.

"I'm alright but right now Y/N isn't."He stated and I nodded agreeing."So what shall we do?She won't listen to you so what's the point in no fighting?"I asked and I could see a skeptical look on his face.I had never seen Chat so serious.I was sure that it was because Y/N was in danger.

"All we got to do is hit the source which is-""Volpina.Got it"I finished his sentence and a blast came our way separating us.We looked up to find Silent Wolf next to Volpina.

"Game over little bug.Hand me over your miraculous or someting bad might happen"Volpina stated giving a look at Silent Wolf.

"Or what?"Chat asked jumping next to me.Silent Wolf smirked. They were up to something. "This"She stated and  Chat kicked me."W-What are you doing?"Chat asked as I backed away. Volpina laughed and Chat through me a punch but I dodged it.

"Chat, Silent Wold is controlling you.That arrow must had effected you" I said and I was then sent flying to the wall.I got up while grabbing my yoyo. I looked up to Silent Wolf.The only way that I could save Chat is by getting Y/N out of the way.Unfortunately I'll have to make her unconscious.I sighed and jumped on he nearest building.

Chat tried to come after me but I tripped him and jumped in front of Y/N.

"Lucky Charm!"I yelled and in my hands came,some cookie dow?Okay.I looked around.Chat's staff,volpinas eyes Y/N's hands and my yo-yo.

I knew what I had to do.I ran to Chat and kicked his staff out of his hands."I'm sorry Chat"I said and hit him in his stomach.I then ran to Volpina and through her the dow,landing perfectly on her eyes not making her able to see and I faced Silent Wolf.

"Ladybug, there is no way that you'll be able to fight me with some dow!"She said and I smirked. "We'll see about that Silent Wolf " I then pulled out Chat's staff and with it, I used it as a baseball bat, sending the dow flying to Y/N.

She tried to dodge it but it got stuck on her hands.She couldn't move them,so I took the chance to go in front of her.Just then Chat came flying to me and tried to punch me.

I rapped my yo-yo around him,tieing him."I'm sorry Y/N"I said and smacked her with Chat's staff making her loose consciousness.

Just then,Chat was not controlled anymore.He got up and I through him his staff."Will she be alright?"Chat asked me worried.

"Of course she will.Now,we need to find Volpina.As you said,she is the source of all of this."It stated and my earrings beeped.

"Oh you're right about that Ladybug"A voice said behind us.We both snapped our heads to see Y/N in Volpinas arms.

"LEAVE Y/N ALONE.SHE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS"Chat yelled.Volpina smirked.That wasn't a good sign.

"Ok, if that's what you really want."She let go of Y/N, next to a cliff. My eyes widened.

"Y/N!!!"We both shouted in unison as Volpina laughed.She disappeared and both me and Chat ran to catch Y/N.

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