Kandice - Nigeria

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 I've witnessed a lot of homophobic actions in my area...I'm Nigerian.
I'm bisexual although I'm a bit more attracted to females and this has gotten me beat up several times to the point that I had to stop being with females and I'm back in the closet...I'm Catholic and my parents( my dad esp) make it a point to holler and curse at homosexuals.

There's a bit of an online gay community but nobody knows each other personally as police usually pretend to be gays then arrest or blackmail some folks...I had a friend who a cop blackmailed for a huge sum of money and he couldn't afford it so he was put in jail for while.

My ex-girlfriend committed suicide in 2015 because her parents were gonna make her marry a man and it still hurts me so much because I love her so much and that could be me In another life. 

But life goes on I guess and there's a 14-year sentence for gays and that's if the townspeople don't burn you first... It's terrifying and I honestly can't wait to leave  

  Oh and gay rights? Isn't a thing here and LGBT folk are demon possessed.  

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