Chapter 12

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I was so dead. If the rogues hadn't killed me I was pretty sure Dante would do what they didn't once I got better. If the glare he sent my way meant anything, that is. I looked back at him and cringed. So what if I cracked two ribs? I mean sure it hurt as hell but the doc said my wolf was a bit more active again.

So it would heal eventually. A little sooner than humans but also not as fast as a werewolf would. That didn't mean he'd lock me up.

"You're not going anywhere alone. Ever. You'll always have two guards with you and you won't fucking move from the bed until you get well again. Completely well. That means until I see your fucking cheeks turn round, you can't leave." He said with finality and my jaw dropped.

"You can't do that! Until my cheeks turn round? I'll turn fat laying in the bed all day!"

"Who looks at you anyway?"

... Did he just say I was unattractive? Was it a deliberate jab he sent my way because I was disagreeing?

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Guys look at me okay. I get so much fucking attention that I don't need to look at you. I can have anyone I want!" I snapped. "Even your guards can't keep their eyes off of me." I added and the guards behind him averted their eyes after glancing fearfully at me then Dante. I knew what they were thinking. 'Is she crazy? She'll get us killed!' .

Their faces contorted into a horrified expression for just a second before they turned neutral again when Dante looked back at them. I stifled a laugh at the glare Dante gave them.

Nobody looked at me. Being the alpha's mate and all had its perks. I didn't get ogled at. But it was fun seeing how insecure he could get. It served him right. Every girl looked at him. It was only fair he got to feel what I feel.

"Leave." He rumbled out and the guards clicked their heels before bowing and scurrying out. "Hey, let them stay. I kind of like them." I said the last part suggestively and the glare he sent my way made me smirk internally. I looked towards the door they left through to make him believe I was still checking them out. Why would I ? I mean, nobody could compare to Dante...

He leaped towards my bed and it rattled as he slammed a hand on it. My breath stopped as he leaned close to my face. "Your ass will be red once you get better." He growled out before leaving the room, slamming the door close, leaving me to deal with the heat his words caused.

Damn you, Cornelius.


Dante's P.O.V

I glared at the guards she was staring at. They were the ones sending suggestive looks towards her? I looked at the slight tremble of their feet as they shook under my glare.

I was planning on leaving them posted outside her door but now... I growled and calmed a bit as they cringed, feeding my alpha ego. They weren't looking at her. The mouthy little brat was lying. Just as I had been. She did get attention. It was my fear that made other wolves afraid to raise their eyes and look at her. But even then they couldn't help it. If they thought I didn't see them glancing at her when they thought I wasn't looking, they were wrong.

Though the only reason I didn't behead them was because I knew it was out of respectful admiration that they gave her attention. A pack Luna was like a mother. So I knew what they showed was just childish admiration.

I dismissed them and went to sit behind my desk to brood. Somebody had attacked MY mate in MY territory. I didn't know whether I want to kill who was responsible or slice my throat myself. The image of her down on the ground clutching her side when I came to where she was as soon as I got her message.

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