[12] He's Right Through this Door...

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The next day







"Gah, SHELBY! How many times have I told you not to yell in my ear while I'm sleeping?!"

"Sorry. You don't have an alarm clock and we're gonna be late!"

"Gah, you're right! Get outta my room so I can get changed!" I exclaimed, pushing Shelby out of my room and slamming the door shut.

   I pulled out a hoodie that said "just do it later," a pair of jeans and mint sneakers. I fixed my hair into a bun and grabbed my purse and backpack. (Pic above)

   I dashed downstairs and grabbed a breakfast smoothie from the fridge. Shelby was shoveling chocolate rice krispies and milk into her mouth before leaving the house.

Werewolf class timeskip~~

"Okay class, today I'm giving you time to work on the project I gave you." Mr. Gavin stated bluntly.

   I groaned and started working on it with Aaron. Surprisingly he was less hostile towards me today.

   We worked on the project for the whole class period, I didn't even notice it was almost time for lunch.


   I got my books and left the room. I was happily humming a song I loved called "Faster Car" when he started to approach me.

   I swiftly ran into the nearest room, the old music room, and slammed the door shut. I locked the door, panting.

"Phoenix, open up!" I heard through the door.

   I leaned against the door to the middle sound-booth-thing and slid down so I was in a sort of sitting position, and soon heard the strumming of a guitar.

Aaron's POV

I heard sobbing through the door I was leaning against. "Hey... are you okay?"

"N-no... please, just pretend I'm not here..." I heard a female voice say.

Then I got a text from Shu.

Shu > FC...

FC > Shu? What's up?

Shu > I saw the guy that rejected me...

Shu > What do I do?

FC > Maybe you should just... calm down and talk it out.

Shu > I can't! Do you know how hard it is to talk to someone that REJECTED you?!

FC > Sorry, Shu... It's just that I never got rejected before.

Shu > It's okay. At least there's a really nice guitar tune here...

   Wait, Potato can't be right across this door, can she?! I stopped playing the guitar. And before you ask, yes, I can play the guitar while texting. It's called multi-tasking.

Shu > Huh. It stopped.

FC > Shu, I want you to knock on the door three times so I know it's you.

Shu > What are you talking about?


Shu > You just HAD to bring that face up, huh?




FC > Shu, I'm right behind the other side of this door.

Shu > WHAT?!

Jess' POV

Oh my Irene...

He's right through this door.

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