= Chapter 14 =

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"If God knows we're meant to be together, he'll  find a way to bring us closer."

-Jeremy Lockhart


"This is would be kidnapping!!" I slapped Jeremy's arm, but he didn't flinch the slightest bit.

"Not really cause I actually called your mom—I told her that  you needed to work with me for a school project" He gave me a confident grin which made my jaw drop.

How could my mom be that gullible?
Does she want to get rid of me? I guess I'm a burden after all.

Sighing in frustration, I knew there was no way to escape him. I found it suspicious how he took a sudden interest in me unless...

"Are you planning on killing me?! As a form of revenge?!" I gasped in shock while throwing my hands in the air.

"I was planning on doing that but I'm a kind, caring, honest, sweet, beauti-" I interrupted him from self praising himself any further.

"Okay I get it! You're so stuck up!" I rolled my eyes at his cockiness.

" Jealously is a disease. Get well soon bitch." he snickered. He did not just call me that...I'm honored.

" Well, being a bitch is a tough job but someone's got to do it." I wiped the imaginary sweat off my forehead, while he chuckled.

My eyes scanned the unfamiliar surroundings, it seemed like a remote place outside the city. Most shops along the road were closed down or sold, the windows of many houses were also fogged which gave the street an eerie vibe.

Where is he bringing me? Why is he doing this?

The car came to a sudden stop which caused me to jerk forward and hit my nose against the radio. The pain was indescribable but at least I didn't break my nose.

"Weren't you taught to always wear your seatbelt? That was a good hit though" he laughed so hard that he started tearing up. Jerk.

He stepped out of his car and so did I. My eyes came upon an old torn down cinema, it looked like it was closed down because of disrepair. It was a gorgeous disaster and somehow reminded me of myself.

I could imagine how it looked like in the past— glamorous, well-lit, buzzing with many joyful people. It told a story and ended out just like me.


"My favorite place." Jeremy breathed out with a small smile, something didn't seem right too.

He entered the isolated cinema, I followed behind. Pushing the doors wide open, his smile widened by the second. He glanced at me and grabbed my hand, running down the stairs with me.

I yelped in surprise and ran down the stairs, laughing loudly at how fast we ran.

When we reached the bottom row of seats, both of us were panting heavily while laughing. We glanced into each other's eyes, and it felt like everything around us stopped. We could only hear each other's unstable breathing and quite laughter. I swear we shared a moment before he cleared his throat.

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