''Aye I can get use to this, I'm feeling like royalty.'' I said out loud as the both of them rolled their eyes and laughed a little.

''T you lucky these kids are in here because if they weren't then I would've told you a few words .. a few bad ones.'' Tyra said.

''Oh I know, you needa change yo ways.'' I said shaking my head.

''I am and if you can't see that then you tripping for real.''She said looking at me and then Ashley. I ain't even say nothing to her I just nodded and tended to my girls while her and Ashley made us all breakfast. I would have to soak up all this time because tonight .. tonight it would definitely be some shit.

About 30 minutes later Tyra and Ashley had finished cooking and had set the table. They hooked it up with the cheese eggs, bacon, grits, and biscuits. They always say the quickest way to a mans heart is to his stomach. Yo they even made my plate, now this how it's suppose to be right here.

All of us sat at the table like one big happy family and that's when I noticed we needed some more guys around here, it's way too much estrogen at this table.

''So I wanna be clear...'' Tyra said as I could only think damn here we go. I knew she was about to say some shit, some shit I didn't wanna hear that is. My face read it all too.

''T why are you looking at me like that?'' She said looking at me as I shrugged my shoulders.

''Why do you think? I know you, what you gotta say man?'' I said putting down my fork.

''Well you're right, I do have something to say. But whose to say it's something bad huh?''She asked.

''Because you bad.''I said staring to eat again. I wasn't gone let my food get cold for nobody.

''I know tell me something I don't know.'' she said laughing a little bit while I mugged her.

''But anyways what I have to say doesn't pertain you at least not right now, who I wanna talk to is you Ashley ... ''Tyra said looking at Ashley and I dead ass almost chocked on my orange juice. I'm sure we all know what happened when the two of them was in the same house. Tyra was talking slick at the mouth like always and Ashley wasn't with that so one thing led to another and the two of them started scraping.

Now that was a crazy night I can tell you that much, the two of them wasn't jumping for joy to live with each other and I get that. I knew the shit was my fault, but I just wanted them to get a long, I don't see why they gotta hate each other. It's really unnecessary.

''Why?'' I spoke up quickly. I ain't know what Tyra was on. You never really do but them arguing and fighting is not going down now or ever as long as I'm around.

''T would you shut up dang. I mean do you really think I would start some shi-- I mean stuff right now?''She said as I nodded my head yes.

''Yeah I can.''

She smacked her lips ''Whatever.''

''Terell it's fine , I can handle myself.. Tyra what's up?'' Ashley said. Ash was stating the obvious right now, it was clear they could both handle their own. That's what scared me the most.

''Okay well, Ashley as you know me and you haven't really been getting along and I can take part in that, I know I'm a tough cookie ..''

''Shit you got that right.'' I said shaking my head.

''Would you shut up ugly?'' Tyra said rolling her eyes. ''Look, I don't usually apologize .. I had my on reservations about you for a couple reasons that I really don't wanna get into right now. I just don't have the time or patience to do the whole back and forth thing with you.. I just wanna move on, I know your gonna be apart of Mia's life since you and T are together and that's cool as long as we respect each other then I don't have a problem. I'm too grown to be going back in forth with anybody. It is what it is.''Tyra said to Ashley.

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