The final battle

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10:40 a.m

''Fire fire fire

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''Fire fire fire.'' I heard Mia yell as I rolled over in bed something was most definitely burning right about now and I bet you it was Tyra cause Ashley could cook her ass off. I hopped out the bed quickly and ran to the kitchen.

I was right cause there Tyra was standing in front of the stove with clouds of smoke while Mia sat on the counter and watched her. By this time Chassidy was crying and Ashley had to get her.

''Yo what the fuck Tyra? You over here tearing up a nigga kitchen. You know yo ass can't cook.'' I said picking up Mia from the counter as Tyra placed a pan in the sink.

''T shut up. I could never cook bacon you know that. I should've just put it in the oven.'' She said turning the kitchen fan on cause it was smoky ass hell.

''Shit you the one who was trynna play Betty Crocker knowing damn well you ain't capable of cooking.''I said shaking my head.

She smacked her lips ''Whatever nigga I can cook... just not bacon.''She said rolling her eyes and putting more bacon on a tray and sticking it in the oven. ''Oh did I wake her up? Sorry.'' Tyra said looking over to Ashley who was holding a fussy Chassidy.

''Yeah you did, but it's fine. You need some help?'' Ashley asked Tyra.

''Hell yeah she do her ass up in here burning shit down, a nigga would've been better off going to get some breakfast.'' I said opening up the backdoor.

''T stop trynna clown me ... I can cook you asshole.''She said throwing a paper plate at me while Mia laughed like it was the funniest shit in the world. I swear she always did take her moms side.. the two of them was bound to clown on a nigga when they was together.

''Mia don't laugh at yo moms. She's a hater.'' I said sitting down at the dining room table.

''Boy please.. Ashley you can help if you want to. I still have to make the eggs and grits.''Tyra said.

''Okay. I can help Tyra, let me just give Chassidy to her daddy.''She said while  Tyra nodded and Ashley gave me Chassidy.

Now look I ain't know what was going on or what God was up to right now but I can tell you this much I was not complaining at all, not one little bit. All this time I just wanted them to get along because we all family, but Tyra was on that bull shit .. y'all know it was always her, Ashley was always the calm, cool, and collective one until you pushed her buttons like Tyra did.

I don't know what got into her ass but I'm not complaining. The girl finally got some sense knocked into her. Somewhere someplace I believe the moon and the stars are in tact together. This was such a good thing.

I watched the two of them in the kitchen cooking it up as I held both Chassidy and Mia in my arms. This was a great feeling I can't even lie seeing the two mother of my daughters getting along and me spending time with my girls was dope as hell. I had to savor this moment like for real.

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