Louis' POV: Ch. 2

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➡Louis' POV:
Lily keeps squirming around in her sleep. She doesn't know it, but we're going to a doctor. I have a gut feeling that she'll freak out when we get there.

When Lily had her asthma attack, we were all panicking. At the moment, all five of us are trying to figure out why she had an attack.

"All I can come up with is when I called her angel," Harry says with guilt mixed into his voice.

"It's alright, mate. None of us blame you. I mean, how were we supposed to know?" Niall reassures.

Harry just nods, deep in thought.

"Hey Lou?" Liam asks while driving.

"Yeah?" I answer.

"You know, with Lily's past, she'll probably freak out at the doctor's," he tells me worriedly.

I nod with a sigh. "I know. But we can't just ignore this."

Liam slightly shrugs. "Alright."

Lily shrieks in her sleep and I jump, almost dropping her. She starts to mumble and I lean in to listen. At the same moment I drop my head, she screams,"NO! PLEASE! STOP! WHAT DID I DO?!"

I jerk back and glance at everyone in the car. "What the?" I breathe.

"What was that all about?" Zayn asks, confused.

I'm about to answer but Lily jerks awake with a small scream. She falls off my lap and scrambles for the door. I quickly grab her waist and drag her back, kicking and screaming. "Calm down baby girl," I try to soothe.

Lily tries for the door again, but this time I'm ready. I tighten my grip as her breathing increases. "Shhh. You're going to hurt yourself," I say as I rock her back and forth.

"S-stop. Please?" She begs in a small tiny voice.

My heart literally just broke, hearing that. She thinks I'm going to hurt her. "Baby girl, I would never hurt you."

"That goes for all of us," Niall calls from the middle row, behind me and Liam. A chorus of yeahs go around the car.

"See?" I say, looking down at Lily's small body. I can't believe she's six, considering how small she is.

My poor baby girl looks close to tears. "I want too! I want someone to love me and cuddle me, but no one will!" She sobs. The tears break loose. "Everyone thinks I'm a usable piece of trash that expires when I can't take it anymore! I want something good to happen to me! To believe that you wont hurt me, but after getting punched and kicked around by three different people, it's hard to believe that good things happen to me!" She shrieks and I feel my heart break again. Actually, I hear everyone's heart break.

Lily pales at her sudden outburst and starts to cry harder. "S-sorry. I-I didn't mean to y-yell. It c-came out. I-I'm s-sorry." She scrambles out of my lap as fast as she can.

I grab her waist. "Uh-uh. Do you seriously think that I'm going to let you go, after you say something like that?" It's supposed to be said as a reassuring thing. Like a, don't worry I'll cuddle and love you, type thing, but Lily didn't see it that way.

"P-please don't make it bad! I don't want M-Ms. Tootles and Sadie t-to tell me t-that they were r-right," She cries.

I can see shock that copies my own, on every face in the car. "No, Lily. I didn't mean it that way. I meant that I won't hurt you. I meant that no one will ever lay a finger on you, in a bad way. I promise that me and the lads will cuddle you, and love you, and spoil you as much as you want," I rant.

She looks at me, disbelief in her eyes. "So, no hitting today?"

She was still on the thought that I was going to hurt her! Tears well up in my eyes. "Baby girl, no hitting today, or forever. Okay?" I whisper.

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