Chapter Twenty Three

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"Laura." I whisper softly as we pull in front of the pack house.

"Mmm." Laura mumbles softly, which I can't help but chuckle too.

"Laura, we just pulled in front of the pack house. John is out there  waiting for you as well as your parents. Not the mention the Alpha and my dad." I reply.

"Oh." Laura replies, starting to wake up. 

Tell the doctor that we need a wheel chair. I mind-link John.

On it. John replies. 

"Okay, Laura, they are going to be bringing a wheel chair for you. They are going to need you to sit up so when they open the door, you won't fall out. I know you're still sore, but can you sit properly in the seat?" 

Laura nods and ever so carefully sits up properly.

"Mom, go ahead an tell them that they can now open the door." I tell mom who nods and quickly gets out of the car.

Seconds the door opens revealing a concerned and excited looking John standing next to a Doctor who has a wheelchair behind him, with a nurse behind him. 

"Alright, Doctor Trev, John, you are going to slowly and carefully guide Laura so that she's sitting in the chair. I'll be scooting over slowly. When she's sitting and remotely comfortable I am going to hand her the baby. Afterwards we're going to go in, make sure both mom and baby are perfectly healthy. I've clamped the cord so we won't have any issues there. We're going to have to cut the cord. Other than that, I don't think there's much to do besides paperwork. Is the plan clear? Any questions?" I say, immediately taking charge.

"Not from me." Doctor Trev replies seriously. 

"Alright, go." 

Five minutes late Laura is sitting in the wheelchair as comfortable as she can be. 

Carefully I step out of the car and place the baby in Laura's arms.

John immediately crouches down next to her and stares at him with nothing but love in his eyes.

John stokes his little boy's cheek and he slowly opens his eyes, revealing John's brilliant blue eyes. 

John looks up and locks eyes with me. I give him a soft smile.

Seconds later, his arms are wrapped around me.

"Thank you, Aubrey." John whispers, pulling me tighter to him.

"Of course, John." I reply, now pulling back.

"Alright, you know what to do. Let's go." I say walking into the Pack Hospital with them following.

"Nurse, please tell everyone to wait outside. Including yourself." I say, shutting the door before waiting for a response. 

"Okay, Laura, I am going to hold the baby as John and Doc Trev helps you onto the bed." I say as I gently hold the baby in my arms.

"I've got this." John says lowly. Ever so carefully John puts his arms behind Laura and picks her up bridal style and carefully placing her on the bed. 

"Beta John, would you like to cut the cord?" Doc Trev asks, looking uncomfortable since he hasn't done much. 

John nods and listens to Doctor Trev carefully as he explains to him what to do. Seconds late, John happily cut the cord and immediately goes back to Laura's side. 

"Doctor Trev, will you check over Laura as I clean and check the baby out?" I question. He nods and walks over to Laura. 

One hour later, and John and Laura are holding their bundle of joy as I stand over in the corner next to Doctor Trev.

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