Chapter Fifteen|| Bitch ain't Crazy

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Chapter Fifteen|| Bitch ain't Crazy

"Are you fucking demented! You could have been killed!"

I stared at my feet guiltily as Jaime drove us home.

"Out of all fucking names! How the fuck did you manage to guess the name of a drug lord's wife? Specifically the one we had to kill!" Sam exclaimed while he glared at me.

Gina rolled her eyes and scoffed. "Just let her be, Sam, she didn't know."

Sam turned at Gina and scowled. "Shut the fuck up, Gina, this isn't your business."

Gina looked at him and narrowed her eyes. "You're treating her like a little girl! She's old enough to take care of herself."

Sam's eyes widened and I noticed that his ears turned a crimson red.

"Against Cartel drug lords?" He yelled, "I don't want innocent blood on my hands, Gina, especially not Sawyer's."

Well, there was only one thing I could do that would make him forget about this.

Fresh tears rolled down my cheeks and I looked at him with big eyes. "I'm so sorry, Sammy, I'll never do it again. I didn't know."

Gina furrowed her eyebrows. "You're not seriously going to believe this."

Sam stared at me and sighed, all signs of anger disappeared from his face. "It's fine, just-just don't do it again."

Ha, fucking pussy ass bitch. Suck my dick, Gina.

"Okay, Sammy," I said, and to add a little effect, I leaned into his shoulder.

"Oh, no, you cannot be serious," Gina said with a raised eyebrow, almost as if she had just realized something, "Fuck, you are!"

Sam just swore at her and shook his head. "Shut the fuck up, Gina."


"We're going away for the weekend," My mother said as she rapidly packed her bag, "On a business trip."

Hayden looked at me knowingly with a raised eyebrow, he was already planning a party in his head.

"Oh, Hayden, don't be fucking stupid," My father said, "We're not leaving you alone, your grandmother is coming over," he finished.

I looked in disbelief, "Grandma Antonia?"

My mother nodded.

"The one who is deaf and partially blind?" I finished.

Hayden elbowed me and nodded at my parents. "I love Grandma Tony," he exclaimed. Fucking snake.

My father turned to look at my mom. "Maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea to leave them with my mother."

My mom sighed and rolled her eyes. "I'll go ask Yolanda if she can watch over them for a couple of days."


"Fuck, that's Mrs. Beckham," Hayden swore under his breath, "Aren't you friends with Sam?"

I shrugged.

"Go fucking convince him to tell his mom to fuck off!" He growled.

I sighed and ran up to my room.

Hayden really wanted this party.

I cried silently as I crawled into his room.

Though, I wish I hadn't.

"Oh my fucking- what the fuck is she doing here?"

I tried to look at my feet as my face turned a bright red.

"Oh, f-fuck, I'm s-sorry," I hissed as I found some way to distract myself with.

Nina struggled to put her clothes on while Sam looked amused, almost.

"Fuck," Nina hissed and proceeded with leaving the room.

"What do you need?" Sam questioned, he was still under the covers completely naked.

"I-I need- oh, my God, I'm sorry," I stammered, and I couldn't help but feel a bit jealous of Nina, bitch wasn't crazy after all.

"Need. . .?" He trailed off and then stood up.

I wouldn't be surprised if my face got even redder.

"N-nothing, f-forget it," I stuttered and then tried to blast put of there.

No such luck.

Sam grabbed me from behind and hugged me tight.

"What's wrong, Collins? Do I make you nervous."

"Of course, mother fucking piece of shit," I growled as I tried to pry his hands off of me, "you're in your fucking birthday suit and- no, fuck, don't touch me with that condom, that has Nina pussy on it."

Sam hummed but before he could say anything, the door burst open.

Mrs. Beckham furrowed her eyebrows. "Two, Sam? I just saw a young lady stroll out the door and now you have Sawyer?"

Oh. My. Fuck. Fuck. My. Fucking. Ass. Fuck.

"Oh, no, Mrs. Beckham, this isn't- no, we're not- oh," I almost cried out in embarrassment.

"Sure, you aren't, baby girl. Make sure you use protection, I'm too young to be a grandma," she said, "We're watching over Sawyer and her brother so they'll be staying here, not with you though," she shook her head at Sam and left.


"My mom's pretty chill about my sex life."

No fucking shit.

"I fucking hate you, Sam. Words cannot describe how fucking angry I am at you."

Sam shrugged and pulled his boxers on. "Pay back for almost getting yourself murdered, you're welcome."

I made my way towards his window and shook my head. "Fuck you."

"I will."

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