saints can sin, too. by ziamslilo on ao3 [5k words]


assignment prompt: L helping H move as friends then L finds a box with a bunch of sex stuff in it then shenanigans ensue.

work text:

"I can't believe how much crap you have, Haz. How the hell did you keep this all in that tiny apartment?"

"It's not crap, Lou. It's my stuff, and I'd appreciate it if you were a little more," Harry winced when Louis dropped a box full of fragile items on the kitchen floor before turning to glare at him. "Delicate with them."

"I could be at home right now, sipping a cold one and scratching my balls while watching the game. Why the hell did you make me help you move?"

"First of all, that's disgusting." Harry set a box down then turned to lead Louis out of the house again, towards the truck waiting to be unloaded. "Second of all, I didn't make you do anything. I asked and you agreed."

"And why do you think I agreed? You pop those dimples and give me those stupid puppy eyes and I'm just supposed to say no?"

"The other guys aren't here. They had no problem saying no."

"Zayn and Liam have girlfriends, therefore excuses, and Niall's too fucking air headed to fall for your scam!" Louis groaned and sat at the edge of the truck, brushing a hand over his face. "Can we at least take a break for a beer or something? Please, I'm honestly dying."

"Okay, but after we unload the car. We can finish the truck later." Harry said, walking up to Louis and kissing his cheek, pinching it harder than he probably wanted to. "Thanks, Lou. You're a good best friend."

"Yeah, yeah, asshole. Let's get this done."

Louis followed Harry into the house with a handful of his clothes then continued to unload the car as quietly as he possible could. But it was a big car and it was packed full with boxes in the back and he honestly had no idea how Harry even managed to have this much shit in his possession. Literally, Louis owned a bed, a fan, and a pack of gum compared to all the stuff Harry hoarded for reasons he probably doesn't even know of. With a sigh, he grabbed a random box and headed into the bedroom, setting it down and plopping onto the bed, mentally cursing himself and his best friend for wasting a whole Saturday doing this instead of, well, basically anything else in the entire fucking universe.
His eyes settled upon the writing on the box he'd just put down and he wasn't exactly sure what he was expecting, but he should've probably thought it out more thoroughly before opening a box marked 'bedroom, personal' with three lines under the big bold words written in black marker. It was his curse, not being able to mind his business or keep his curiosity at bay that made him open the brown box, flapping falling against the smooth sides, and his knees to buckle underneath him the moment his eyes were laid upon the hidden secrets Harry definitely should've hidden more thoughtfully.

It wasn't as if he's never seen the stuff before. After all, he was a full blooded male who enjoyed his fair share of sex and toys. But this... this was on a whole other level for the simple fact that it belonged to Harry. Harry, who cried after he kissed his first boy because he thought he sucked at it. Harry, who practically blew a brain vessel recounting his first time getting blown by the little twink next door. Harry, who called Louis practically the moment he came after fucking a guy he'd been crushing on for three years. Harry, probably the most vanilla guy in the history of the fucking universe and yet he has a whole box dedicated to sexual toys and items that Louis, for some reason, had no idea he even possessed.

"Lou, would you give me a hand?" Harry shouted from the front door of his new apartment.

"Come in here for sec, Haz."

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