Chapt 1: The new start

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I was here lying on my bed, thinking about the following day. I was still confused about the idea of changing up my hometown, but i have no choice. My father, a well known business man had some official work out of town. We had to shift to a new place. It was not the first time...

" Ash, come downstaire!"Shouted my mum."Your friends are here!"

Wasting no time, i came down. I saw my two best friends' hand full of gifts. I was speechless. One by one, they came and gave me the gifts.

Skylar and Stela ; my best friends, they are trustworthy, reliable, supportive and a bit crazy... but its in that way we became best friends...

First came skylar, she bought me a picture frame with all the photos taken together." Hope you like it!" She said hugging me. "I really like it" I replied.

Secondly came Stela , she bought me a box of chocolate in form of a heart." This for you!" She said. I thanked her with a hug.

Then, they both gave me a colourful bag in which there was wrapped gifts. "Don' t open it now!" Exclaimed Stela. "Open it when you reached there!" Said skylar smiling.

To my great surprise, here came Brent. With him a big teddy bear. "That's for you and please don' t refuse! You don' t know how i managed to bring it till here!" He said laughing.

Brent; my friend. Always here when you need him. Always joyfull.Always giving good and right advice.

"Thanks, it mean a lot" i said grabbing the teddy bear.

After talking for a while, they all left. I was asked to sleep earlier as we had to go in an early plane..

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