Part 2

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Maid: there is a news about the war ranisa(she said in a tenced manner)

Rani J : what is the news tell me fast (she asked in a worrying tone)tell me ??Faster!!!(little bit annoyed)

Maid: Our king Maharana Udai singh has been successful in killing Baram Khan (the head of the Afgan army).

As soon as these words reached her ears ,her face brightened up,but immediately she shouted out of pain  "Ouchhhhhhhhhhhh!!"

Maid:are u fine ranisa? What happened?

"Nothing! She is fine . U may leave. Said another woman in an equal royal attire who was sitting beside Rani Jaivanta bai ,she was none other than the  younger queen of Mewar and Maharana Udai Singh's second wife Sajjabai Solankini .

Rani S:What do we say about this Jiji. Whenever the child listens to any news about our enemy it starts to hurt u.

Rani J:It does not hurt me , whenever it listens to any news about our enemy it kicks me  saying that it wants to come in this world as soon as possible because he wants to finish off all our enemies.

Preist : If it's a boy than there is no doubt that he will grow up to become a great and brave worrier.But what if......

Rani S: (slightly angry)what do you mean? U want to say that the Comming child will be a girl? No it will be a boy .It has to be a boy. A boy who will grow and become a great worrier and king.

Rani J :  No, We can't change our fortune.Even if it will be a girl she will be be trained equally hard.She will be tought to fight  for our mother land .She shall also manage all the house hold work . She will be a perfect combination of a brave worrier, intelligent person and a obident girl. And she will be remembered for generations.

(Hearing this the preist got a shock and asked)

P: But Maharanisa,in our country girls are not allowed to do even allowed  come out of their Ghoonghat,how come u will train her. And what will Maharaja say to this.?

Rani J:If it is our country then let me get u your notice that there were few,but there were women who have fought for our land.They kept the equal ability to fight.And if it is Ranaji,then I will speak to him.

Rani S: Jiji let's not talk about all this. Let's see. And like u say "whatever happens, happens for good". Let's hope for the best .


Author's note :
So ,done with part 2 of chapter 1. I have tried my best to create suspense .

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