Chapter 2

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Picture of Samantha.

Dušica's P.O.V.

I was sitting on some beautiful beach. No one was around. I could hear song of birds around me and it was so relaxing. Sunset is coming. It's making sea and sky look like joined. I am about to get up and swim... But I was pulled away.

"Honey, wake up, we are almost here" comes voice of my dad.

That's how my perfect dream was ended. I groaned and shook my head in disbelief because I was in shock that I actually slept all this time. Oh my god! I looked through the window and saw beautiful pictures of nature.

"How much until we land?" I asked with my sleepy voice.

"Just a few more minutes baby girl" mom answered.

I rolled my eyes at her baby nickname. I am not little girl anymore people! I am 17 for god's sake! I decided to just ignore it and ask another question.

"So, flight is on time, right?"


"Great, so I can go to pick up Mia from school. I really miss her!" I sad excitedly.

If you wonder how I know how to get to Mia's school, well that's easy. I know New York maybe even better than London. Every Summer and winter I would go there and spend time with my grandparents at their home. My grandparents have a lot of houses there, and all of that will belong to my mom, because she is their only child. But, even if we always lived in luxury, I am not that spoiled rich kid.

Well, All I need to have are cars and dogs. That's my sickness. I got so many cars. But my favourite is one which is just here. Lamborghini, made specially for me, that's my baby, literally. Everyone look at it when I drive by.

People say I'm beautiful, but I don't really see that. I have long black hair. I am 175cm tall, and my weight is 60kg. It's kinda perfect, but favourite thing about myself are my abs. I worked so hard for them. I have never been on diet tho and I have never watch specifically what I eat. It's just practice, I used to go running every day for about 30 miles and then gym. Fifteen miles early in the morning and 15 in the afternoon, when night is falling. That's my favourite time.

The thing that confuse me the most are my eyes. They are pretty weird, they literally change colors. They can be blue, green, grey and even gold... Sometimes all this colors are mixed together and it used to scare people away from me. Oops.

Finally I saw we are landing. Great. After couples minutes we were out of plane, and on airport.

My grandpa were already waiting for us out. He was tall man, and really good looking for his ages. When he saw me he spread his hands and I run like little kid to hug him.

He hugged me back and I heard him mumble "I missed you so much Duki" oh yes he just called me that.

Everyone laughed and I just rolled my eyes and smiled.

"I missed you too grandpa" I pulled away and let mom get chance to hug her dad.

"Where is grandma?" I asked when I realized he was alone here.

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