Chat 5: Birthday! (Part 2)

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Vigne: Ahh.. That was fun!

RaphyChan: It was! My favorite part was when Satanya's pet stole the last piece of the cake Satanya was supposed to have 😂.

Satanyan: First of all, It's my familiar! And second, I never got to eat even a single slice of the cake ;-;

Vigne: That's fine, Satanya. Just come over to my house tomorrow, and we'll eat some melon bread.

Satanyan: Yayyy!!!!

Satanyan: *ahem* I mean...

Satanyan: I accept your offer, peasant! (Make sure I get the most melon bread, K?!)

RaphyChan: I want to come too!

Vigne: Sure. And.. Satanya?

Satanyan: Yea??

Vigne: Make sure your uh.. "Familiar", doesn't get your melon bread again. Or, all of our melon breads.

Satanyan: Sureee!!

Vignee: I told Gabriel already, she said she's coming tomorrow as well.

RaphyChan: I'll be looking forward to it! Bye ^^

RaphyChan left the group.

Vigne: I gotta go as well.

Vigne left the group.

Satanyan: Why do they even have to leave though--

Satanyan: Oh well

Satanyan: Melon bread...

Satanyan left the group.

Satanyan deleted the group.

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