a story from Brazil

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  Hi there, world.
My name is Cristiano. I'm a twenty-six-year-old Brazilian gay man, and I'm here today to share with you what it's like to be LGBTQ+ in Brazil. 

Well, it's just common sense that coming out as who we are is not a walk in park, most likely a walk in a dark park, sometimes without anyone to hold hands with.

Brazil is such a beautiful country where the variety of people and culture is simply amazing. Here, in a nutshell, one can find anything and anyone that will make them love our cultures and places. 

Nevertheless, Brazil has always been greatly influenced by religion and when I say religion, I must first say that there are uncountable religions here, I mean Christianity. Christians have been spreading their words and Jesus' for more than 500 years, and it's not Jesus' words that lead us to feel as though we don't belong. 

Being born LGBTQ+ in Brazil is accepting to fight a war within oneself for many years due to religious beliefs for always will man say it's against the Bible, it's spending nights praying and wishing God would change your essence, but we know that's not it.

Accepting and learning to love yourself is a healing process that leads us to become more understanding and better human beings who will fight for our rights and respect towards each and every one in and out of our communities. 

I grew up within a Christian family whose values burdened me and them with pain and suffering for many years, however, I fought and showed my family that being gay isn't the end of the world, but the beginning of a new one, in which we've all learned to be more comprehensive and loving to others who have struggled with the same situation as well as similar ones.

It's been about eight years since I came out, and it gladdens me to see how much my family has grown . My parents still believe in God and I urge those who have been trying to understand. 

If you believe in God, then you also must believe that his word is about love and compassion. 

Don't let man's hatred brainwash you. 

And to all of us LGBTQ+ out there, I wish love, peace, respect and compassion. 

Much love! Xx 


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