18 - Last night was...

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Luca wakes to find the spot next to him in the bed empty

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Luca wakes to find the spot next to him in the bed empty. His eyes adjust to the light and he looks around for Eddison. His Eddison. Luca sighs deeply reliving the events of last night. Eddie took a spanking, she sucked him off and he had dessert before she gave herself to him. Suddenly the smell of bacon fills the room and he smiles.

When he reaches the kitchen he sees Eddie in nothing but one of his t-shirts and her panties. This isn't a new sight, she would often get around the apartment like this but it made Luca smiles knowing that last night the sexy body beneath had been is his bed.

Luca approaches Eddie from behind wrapping his arms around her waist. Eddie squeals as she is lifted off the floor. Luca kisses the back of her neck and a small moan escapes her lips.

"Morning." He murmurs against her skin as he places her back on her feet. Eddie spins in his arms and places a kiss on her nose.


"When I couldn't find you I thought maybe -"

"Just hungry." Eddie cuts him off. "I felt like bacon and eggs is that okay?"

"Perfect. How do you feel?"

"A little sore." Eddie says spinning back to the food. She looks back over her shoulder at Luca, "but totally worth it."

"Last night was -"

"Perfect." Eddie cuts him off again and Luca smacks her arse.


It's one in the afternoon and the two are lying back on couch scrolling through Netflix. Eddie's tiny form is sitting in between Luca's legs leaning back on his chest and she uses the remote to find something worth watching. Luca traces circle on her thigh causing her to shiver. There is a knock at the front door and Luca's hand freezes.

"EDDIE!" Parker's voice travels through the door.

Eddie's body tenses and Luca lifts her off his lap. He places her on the couch pressing a kiss to her forehead. "I'll deal with him cara." Eddie hugs her knees as Luca stalks to the door. Luciano throws the door open revealing a disheveled looking Parker. Parker's eyes search the town house and fall on Eddie.


"No! You talk to me!" Luca says sternly holding Parker back with his hand. Luca has the height advantage on Parker and glares at him.

"This has nothing to do with you!"

"If it concerns Eddison. Then it concerns me!" Luca's voice is loud. Eddie looks up at Parker from the couch.

"Parker. You need to go." Eddie says softly.

"But Eddie -"

"She told you to leave! If you so much as look in her direction I will -"

"You can't just -"

"Eddison is mine!" Luca shouts in Parker's face. Eddie is a little turned on by his possessiveness.

"Y-Yours...?" Realisation hits Parker and he backs out of the doorway towards his car. Seizing the opportunity Luca slams the door and walks back to the couch. He lifts Eddie up and sitting down he places her back between his legs as though nothing happened.

"Did you mean it?" Eddie asks him softly leaning back into his chest.

"Every word." Luca replies honestly placing a kiss on her shoulder.


"Luciano you need to calm down!" Marc tries to calm his brother. "Ed please! Tell him to calm down."

"Calm down? How the hell can I calm down? They are going to know. The second they walk in. Mum will know she is like magic. I -"

"LUCA!" Eddie shouts over a rambling Luca. She walks to his side taking his large hands in her small ones. "Why can't we tell them?"

"Y-You...? You w-want t-to?"

"Why not?" Eddie asks with a shrug. "Unless..."

"No. Not that. I just... I just want to savour having you to myself. I have only had you seven days-"

"Have you been counting?" Eddie smirks at him.

"I think I love you Eddison Jenkins." Luca says quietly. The two stare at each other before they are rudely interrupted by Luca's older brother.

"Ok lovebirds! You guys are disgusting! Ma and Pa will be here in twenty minutes and Eddie, not that I don't love it but you are half naked."

Eddie looked down at her attire, Luca's tee and a pair of panties. Before Marc arrived announcing that his parents were on their way Luca and Eddie has been thoroughly enjoying each others company. Marc eyes linger on Eddie and she feels herself blush. Luca puts a possessive arm around her waist pulling her behind him.

"Fratello attento." (Carefull brother) Luca growls a warning and Marc raises his hands in surrender.

"Hey can you blame me?" Eddie giggles at Marc's words running off to her room. Once she shuts the door Marc turns back to his brother, "about time."

"I know." Luca say with a small shrug. Luca tidies up around the lounge room mainly throwing anything that is lying around onto his bed. Marc lounges back on the couch not bothered that his parents will be arriving soon after all it is not his house. Marc hasn't told Luca the truth about his and his parent's visit. It is to announce Marc taking over the family business. All of the family business. To the world Dante Morreti is the CEO of a large company but to those in the know he is also an Italian Don leader of the New York Italian Mafia. The family have kept it hidden from Eddie but Luca knows that them being together means it is about time she knew the truth.

Eddie strolls out of her bedroom in skinny jeans and a tight fitted tee. Luca can't help but stare to her snug clothes.

"Cara you are killing me." He says softly in her ear. He wraps his arms around her breathing in her scent. It is slightly erotic just how good she smells.

When there is a knock at the door Luca drops his arms from around Eddison. Marc laughs heading to the door.
"Ready lovers?"

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