Chapter 1

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[Add's POV]

"What a failure, you think you've achieved something?"

A voice kept speaking and I can only see Darkness...Nothingness..I wish this would stop but I cannot ease my mind of what is happening......why am I even suffering like this? just WHY?!

"Wake up Add!"

I opened my eyes to see a woman of amber red eyes, long red hair and a dead expression, Elesis

"What are you doing here? Isn't this my room?"

I said to her as she lift an eye brow and cross her arms and pouted

"Well sorry but remember your stay in this inn isn't permanent"

Ugh I forgot that I'm living with the El search party and we just defeated scar too can't I just get some rest around here?

"Okay okay I'm getting up by the way why did you of all people wake me up and not the usual Eve slapping issue?"

I saw her look to the side to where the window was as a gentle breeze came and her hair flowed through it, what a beautiful sight. It's the first time I saw her being calm like this

"Well during your sleep you were screaming and trying to isolate the space around you and practically destroy this inn. Everyone was awoken by your loud screams but no one could enter your isolated space"

Ugh this is the 3rd time this week. Why am I even having these nightmares?

"But wait if I isolated the space around me how did you enter?"

She sighed and stood up. As she stood up I saw the rest of her and it was terrifying.She was covered in blood and she's out of balance and tingly as she stood up

"What did you even do?!"


She couldn't continue her sentence and started to fall into my chest and before she could fall I held her in my arms(Imagine Add hugging Elesis). What did she even do to destroy my isolated space and ending up heavily injured.

"Hang on Elesis I got you"

I faintly smiled at her as I wasn't used to smiling. She smiled back and just slept. I carried her bridal style and went out of my room

"Ahh finally you're awak- Oh what do we have here?"

A white haired girl with red eyes and Nine tails wearing a some kind of martial arts clothing and a spear at her back.

"I thought you only emerge when it's vital Eun?"

"Oh it IS vital for when you came out of the room carrying the Avenger I felt Ara's immense sadness and decided to take over"

"So you're saying that's my fault?"

"Oh how slow you are boy, anyway go downstairs everyone has been disturbed and better come up with and explanation you know how our Mercenary tends to get it burning when he's mad"

Eun left with a wink and went downstairs.So I have to bring Elesis to her room which is downstairs just passed the living room where everyone is waiting for me to scold me....this couldn't be any worse right?  

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