[8] Arguments & Bathroom Talk

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Previously on Agents:

The only question on my mind is...

Should I tell him?


   Before I knew it, the bell already rang. I went through my day like usual and went back home before I knew it.

   I dashed to my room and did my homework immediately. What?! Even though homework is like what it says:


   I still at least wanna get decent grades. After that I did my usual stuff and went to bed.

The next morning

"Tell him..." I plucked a petal.

"Don't tell him." I plucked another one.

I went on and on until, "What are you doing?"

"Oh, Shelby! I was just... deciding whether to tell Kai about my feelings..."

"You're killing a poor innocent flower just for love?!"

"Uhh... NO I'M NOT!"


I screamed. Shelby told me, "GIVE IT CPR!"


"Tell my wife and kids... I love them..." says the flower.


   I tried giving him CPR, but instead I kind of... ate him. He tasted horrible.

"... I... accidentally... ate him." I said in between coughs.

Shelby gasped dramatically. "YOU MONSTER! KAI WILL NEVER LOVE YOU!"

I started sobbing uncontrollably. "Hey! Calm down, it was just a flower. It was already dead when you plucked it."

I stopped crying a bit. "You really know how to cheer a girl up, you know?"

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Now back to Kai!"

"B-but... he had a family..."

"But what about Kai?! Are you going to tell him how you feel?!"

I blushed 50 shades of red. "What?! Why should I?!"

"So you can have an official boyfriend!" She squealed. "Isn't that what you want?"

"Well, yeah..."

"So go tell him!"

"N-no! He's... too cool for me... and handsome..."

"But you're way cooler! And you've been hanging out with him for like, months! Now is the time to ACT!"

"B-but I can't... he probably doesn't even like me..."

"Doesn't matter! You've been thinking about telling him! Just go on and do it!"

"I CAN'T!"


"Because! If he doesn't like me then... I'm just gonna have my heart devoured into an oblivion! Just like I devoured the flower!"

"Fine! You know what, I try to give you good, mature advice but you don't listen to me! Go on, go be a dumb teenager! See if I care!"

"Fine, I will!"




Suddenly Ross pops out of nowhere. "Ladies, ladies! There's enough Ross to go around for everyone!"

   We burst into a fit of laughter. Ross, Shelby and I came down the stairs to be greeted by the rest of the guys.

"Are you guys done arguing?" Asks Cory. We both nod.

"Greats, let's get goings." Says John.

At the girls' bathroom in school

I sighed. "So, who you crushin' on?"

I turned around and saw Katelyn and Teony. I felt my face heat up. "What?! Wha-what are you talking about?!"

"It's written all over your face!" Teony laughed.

"No it's not!"

"Yes it is!" Katelyn teased. "You had that same look on your face when you were thinking at the cafeteria!"

"And you know we both know that's the face of a girl with a crush." Finishes Teony.

"Ugh, c'mon Phoenix just tell us already!" Whines Katelyn.

"Yeah~ we won't say a thing~" continues Teony.

"I-I'm not crushing on--"

"It's Kai~kun." Kawaii~chan said, quite teasingly I might add.



"Wha-- K-kawaii~chan? W-where did you come from?!" I stuttered.

"The bathroom," she started. "I came here earlier but you were daydreaming about Kai~kun so you probably didn't notice!"

"W-what?! Wh-why do you think it's Kai~kun?!"

Katelyn laughed. "Did you just say Kai~kun?!"

"NO!" I squeaked.

"Well," KC started, "you drew him for an art project, you wrote about him in your creative writing essay you asked me to read, aaand you blush at his name~!"

I blushed once again. "NO I DON'T!"

Teony teased. "Oh, so it is Kai~!"

"UUUUUUHIGOTTAGOSEEYOUINHOMEROOMBAI!" I dashed out the bathroom, still blushing.

A/N: Yup, I just completely copied the dialogue from the PDH episode. Lol.

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