19. Adoption

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Smoke exploded in a rainbow all around before they were whisked up into the sky.

They hit solid ground in seconds and Adam reached up to clutch at the bottle tied and hanging from his neck. It burned with Vitesh's fury and a red mark would be seared into the skin when he lifted it later. "Mate?" He called as the smoke cleared. They had smoked into a war zone of dead bodies and torn apart carcasses.

Imran met them first when Adam had picked his way over bloody bodies and peeked around the first doorway. Not far from them, they could hear screams and incensed roars. "Adam-jii. He's..."

Adam spied the corpses before the Jinni finished speaking. Children, barely clothed and sliced apart clumsily. Some had their necks broken by callous and clumsy hands. "The target killed them?"

"We saved three but we had to... we had to put one of the Siren children out of their misery. These were either sex slaves waiting to be shipped off or Jinn children up for sale," Imran hung his head. "Rathod-sahab found the man who had ordered the mass murder and..."

"Is the target still alive?" Adam asked, cocking his head.

"Barely," Imran wheezed, already healing from what had to have been a stab wound in his shoulder. Adam snuffled at the bloodied suit to make sure it was nothing too extreme. "We tried to stop him but he was too far gone."

Adam ran for the door without needing to hear anymore. Vitesh was slamming his fist over and over into the ribcage of an old man, the entire stomach area bloody and punctured by shattered bone. Adam shut the door behind him and looked around the room in keen interest. It had once been a nice room with some expensive furniture but it was a mass of craters in walls and torn up furniture after all was said and done. A war zone was putting it lightly.

"Mate?" Adam called and the man that had his glasses smashed into his cheeks and eyeballs whimpered, begging for Adam to save him.

Vitesh's hair was everywhere, eyes manic and face splashed with blood. It was a good thing he had worn his cheap suit and Adam came over to run his fingers over the trembling shoulders of his Jinni mate.

"You okay?" He asked the man. "No' hurt?"

"Adam, you shouldn't... you shouldn't see me like this," Vitesh heaved with his hair in disarray and lips a thin line. Adam thought this was one of the most attractive faces he'd seen on the lovely features. His mate was a warrior, a man with a beautiful soul and heart of a god.

"Felt your anger," Adam pouted and came around, accidentally stepping on a hand of the man that Vitesh had been pummelling to nothing more than broken bones and blood. He wrinkled his nose in disgust and kicked the monster away to meet the astonished black eyes. "Oh, you're crying," He crooned, reaching up to cradle Vitesh' face in both his hands and rub away some of the tears with the pads of his thumbs. "He had them killed?"

"We only... we only got t-three," Vitesh whispered, all the anger bleeding out as he dropped his body closer to Adam's. The wolf didn't care about the blood beginning to stain his own clothes and rubbed soothing circles behind Vitesh's ears as his mate leaned heavily on him.

"Why is he still alive?" Adam asked, eyeing the man with a new hunger. "Haven' had human before."

The Jinni huffed out an unsteady laugh. "Only you, darling."

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