Why her?

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It's two years after the 2nd wizarding war. Hogwarts has been fixed and all the last 7th years are coming back to complete the year they missed.

Draco Malfoy has been proven to have no control or decision on becoming a Death Eater. He wants to make a change and has desided to start with the 'Mudblood' of the Golden Trio when they get back to Hogwarts. When he finds some very unexpected news about his blood, he has very little idea of the consequences it will bring.

Hermione Granger is back at Hogwarts to finish and complete her 7th year. All she wants to do is study when she reads the letter from Hogwarts. Surprise, surprise. Her and Ron broke up as Ron cheated on her with Lavender Brown and said the reson was she was just to plain and boring. After hexing Ron she left to her parnets house and stayed there until she leves for Hogwarts. All her world comes crashing down when, two weeks into school, she resives some very unexpected news.

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