Rayne's Point Of View...

               I searched for him. I searched for him like I was Sherlock Holmes. I couldn't find him. Not in his room. Not in his classes. Could he be avoiding me? It's been two weeks since the fight. Since he broke up with me. And he disappeared. Phil wouldn't tell me where he was and Priscella didn't know. But I knew that I was going to see him today. I could feel it. He couldn't miss school for another day or he would get in trouble with not only the school, but his mother.

               The halls were empty. Because I was late to class. The last class that I had with him. With Jesse. The guy I fell in love with and the one I ended up losing because of my stupid and selfish behavior. I was human. And I made terrible mistakes and choices. But the consequences to my actions were too much. I didn't expect I'd ever lose Jesse. We . . . we were everything. Or I thought we were.

               As I pushed open the door to my class, I felt my heart racing because I didn't know what I was going to do once I saw him. There was no plan. I just . . . I just wanted to fight for him like he fought for me. He gave up a lot for me. He dug deep into this new thing that was confusing for him at first. I awakened something inside him. His new side for love. And I felt like I poisoned it. If I couldn't get him back. Then I didn't know how I would live without him. He honestly meant everything. And the pain of losing two people was just too much for me to handle.

               My lungs stopped breathing when I saw him sitting at his desk, his head down, pencil in his hands while he scribbled away on a sheet of paper. His hair grew a little longer while I was away in Ireland. Seemed silly how you noticed those small details once you lost that person. Like everything about them was suddenly . . . heightened.

               "Mr. Byrne," the teacher called from her desk. Heads turned to my direction. All but one. One that froze in place and stared intensively at the empty white board. To my surprise, Jesse glanced quickly but didn't completely look at me.

               I just stood there like an idiot. Pondering on what to do next. Should I go up to him? Or should I just go to my seat and wait till class was over? My heart wanted to reach out for him but my brain was fighting the urges. I wasn't sure how long I went without breathing, but I guessed a while because I began to feel light headed.

               "Mr. Byrne. Are you alright? Are you going to take your seat?"

               Somehow, I managed to breathe again. But it still didn't help the emptiness I felt inside me. Seeing him was like a punch in the gut. It hurt so much and I couldn't bare to see him act like this, like I was a deadly virus.

               I turned around and headed right out the class. I wasn't strong enough to stay in there for the whole session. I was afraid that maybe he would get up and walk away the moment I stayed. So instead I chose to wait for him until classes ended.

               It wasn't long before class was dismissed and all the students were rushing out of class, eager to get home and go parting with their friends. I rested my back against the wall and waited for Jesse. He walked out last. He stopped when he saw me. I saw him swallow, his eyes flickering with emptiness. There were dark bags under his eyes, his face blank. The longer I stared at him, the longer my eyes burned.

               "Jesse," I whispered, hoping he heard it, because my voice was weak.

               "I thought I made it clear that we needed space," he said.

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