Chapter Thirty Four

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"You hate the fact that you bought the dream and they sold you one..." —Drake

I laid on my bed picking my nails and staring at the ceiling while trying to convince myself to sit up and do my homework when a knock came to my bedroom door. Knowing that it wasn't anyone who I had a positive relationship with at the moment I didn't bother to answer. A few seconds later in walks my father and he sits on the edge of the bed looking like he was at a loss for words.

"I'm—" I cut him off, "Don't apologize. At first I thought I would need it but I don't. I'm over it." He took a deep sigh, "Your mother was wrong for reacting the way she did, I don't think it was that big of a deal." I twisted up my lips, "And you weren't wrong? For watching her push me down the stairs and lock me out the house? You didn't hear from me for weeks I could have been out here losing my mind but you just didn't care, did you?"

"I knew you had been in touch with Jake so I knew you were okay," he said calmly, "And that's supposed to make it better?" I shook my head, "It doesn't even matter anymore, I'm through with the whole situation." We both sat in silence for a brief moment, "I don't want this to affect our relationship moving forward Jelissa. I know I was wrong for allowing her to just throw you out but I still love you. You're still my little girl."

"Am I supposed to accept that? Before all of this, I thought you were like the closest thing to God. And now when I look at you... I just want to be angry but I can't. I can't trust you anymore and as your daughter, these feelings that I'm having about you are doing something ugly to my insides." I bit down on my tongue and turned away from him and I felt a little weight come up off of my bed.

"Here are your car keys... This is going to take some time but Jelissa our relationship can be restored." I heard my bedroom door shut and I sighed as my tears ran and stained my pillow. My phone rang and I sat up while picking up a call from Emone.

"Sis what's up? Your uncle just picked you up and took you home?" I rolled my eyes and wiped away my fallen tears, "Yes and I don't even want to be here. There is just bad energy all around this place and I'm just upset."

"Well do you want to come back to my mom mom's? I mean if you're uncomfortable you shouldn't stay there." I shook my head like she could see me, "No I need to be here I guess... But I just feel weird because I can barely feel anything when I talk to my dad. I used to be so happy to see him and wanting to hug him but when he just came to talk to me I felt like I didn't want to have anything to do with him."

"I'm sorry Jelly... I think you should call Janessa. She always says just the right things." "Tuh, I haven't even gotten a text from her since she left me with these people why would I expect her to be here for me now?" "Well you won't know if you don't at least try to contact her." I shook my head, "I'm not calling her bruh this whole family is just fucked up..."

Emone sighed, "Well look I want you to make sure you get done that homework. It'll take your mind off of things for a while. At least try to do most of it. Cool?" I reached for my backpack which was sitting on the floor by my bed, "Yeah. Thank you Mone... for calling."

"That's what I'm here for, you know I'm not about to leave you high and dry. I'll see you Monday morning." After hanging up I cracked open my World History II textbook and studied myself into an oblivion.

We were at a party and I won't lie I was a little tipsy. Emone and I were cracking up in a corner about some of these outfits we were seeing on these girls in here, they were just plain thirsty. That was when we saw each other from across the room and I cracked a smile and waved at the being I'd been spending so much of my time getting to know.

There was this authority about him, it was the way he carried himself that attracted me to him. He was the kind of guy I'd only ever heard about in the movies, he was hard, but he made himself out to be my fairytale. He approached me and without asking he took from me a hug and stood there with his hand placed on my hip. "Who's your friend?" He inquired.

"Where are my manners? Emone this is Mason, Mason this is my best friend Emone." They shook hands and I turned my attention to Mason, "I didn't expect to see you here. This doesn't seem like it would be your typical scene."

He flashed his perfect teeth at me, "A friend of mine invited me and I decided I would just come through for a minute. What about you little miss church girl? I wouldn't have expected to see you here with a solo cup in your hand." We both chuckled. "Church girls like to have fun too," I replied.

"Well church girl why don't you slip away with me for a while so we can have some fun of our own?" I twisted my lips, "I don't know about that. Me and my girl came together and I've got a curfew." He pulled me in closer by his hand which was already resting on my hip, "No worries then I can drop y'all off. Come on let's slide." He took me by the hand and I looked back at Emone signaling for her to follow.

I woke up to my phone going off and buzzing in my hand and cleared my throat trying to get myself together before answering, "Hello?" I asked as I sat up and closed my textbook and notebooks.

"Damn baby, what are you doing asleep so early?" I heard August chuckle and I took a sigh, "I fell asleep while studying. What are you doing?" "Nothing I just got in the house. I wanted to make sure you were good though."

"Hardly, I don't even wanna be back here." "Well you know you could come spend the night with your boy. I could give you a lil something to ease your mind." I rolled my eyes to the ceiling, "I don't think so. Not after what happened last time." August sucked his teeth, "That was an accident. But I just remembered too that your birthday is tomorrow. Me, you, Mone, and that new girl could hang out to get you out of the house." I shrugged like he could see me through the phone.

"I can't believe I forgot about my own birthday. I don't know that I really want to do anything though."

"We gotta at least chill together then because I'm not about to let you stay up in your room by yourself all day. I got some things to do in the morning but after that I'm all yours." I cracked a small smile.

August and I stayed on the phone for most of the night until we both were able to fall asleep, and I once again became a slave to the man in my dreams.

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